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  • sizzix set

    hi my first ever time in a forum hello to every one.Can any one please tell me wha is exactley in the sizzix set when you buy it ,as i have bought a second hand one and i have only just realise that i havnt got the plates what you put the dies between .Or have i got it wrong .thanks san

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    to the forum, sorry I cant help with that particular Q though but I'm sure someone here will know

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      You should just have the actual machine - I have an oldish red one, but there is a plastic like plate which slides up and down the machine which you put your dies on so they can cut the card. If you've not got this, then don't worry as you can buy them pretty easily and cheaply off ebay for about £4.

      If you have the little thin dies (Sizzlits) then you will need a convertor - this is like a big magnet that sits under the shiny metal bit that comes down on top of your die. These are about £10 to £15 and again you can get them quite easily off ebay.

      What exactly have you got?


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        sizzix bits

        thanks ,so i havnt been ripped of then .Yes i have those bits and the converter so do you have to sandwhich the dies betwen the plates .oh arnt i thick? SORRY im just not used to this machine although it is simple to use i wasnt quite sure.HAHA you wont believe how long it took for me to find this message from you thanks again san