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My cat's daft...

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  • My cat's daft...

    ...he's just been flying around the living room backwards with an empty beef n onion crisp packet stuck to his face

    ...did he try shaking it off? obviously thought the "running backwards and hoping gravity would suddenly change direction and remove it from his face if he back-pedals fast enough" method might work.... didnt!

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    hee hee!!!my dog at home does something very similar.....wonder if she was doing it at the same time!

    Dee x
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      Have you tried giving him an empty Polo wrapper? I had a cat that used to rub and drool and lay about all over them which I always found quite entertaining! He also used to eat fruit cake and sweetcorn!
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        My cat BB, loves rolling around on the floor where you've used disinfectant. She just loves it, any type will do....however she is scared of the rustling sound that carrier bags make ?? and I really don't know where that came from

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          My cat did the exact same thing when she got neutered and she had the collar round her neck, she just walked backwards all the time! And when she tried to eat, she ended up pushing the bowl away from herself with it, she couldnt work why it was moving away as well, so she kept trying to pounce on it n stuff it was very funny! Also kinda sad.
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