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Leap year..any proposals???

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  • Leap year..any proposals???

    With it being 29th Feb, just wondering if there are any proposals going on out there, with that old tradition of the lady being able to propose on leap year. The sister of a friend is getting married today - don't think she likes anniversarys.

    My husband always said if I proposed he would have said 'no' - very traditional - so I never dared.

    Any proposal stories out there?

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    No chance of me proposing.... already married! I'd only been going out with him about 3 months the last leap year so wasn't ready for it then!
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      I'm currently scaring by boyfriend with the idea by telling him I've got an important question for him later but no! We're not really very traditional so prob wont be any proposal by either of us - we will just decide to go off and do it at some point!


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        Already married so no proposal here for me today. Matt proposed to me when I was very ill - I'd caught a cold when I went down to see him at Uni and he'd given me some Lemsip. Lemsip makes my asthma really bad and I hadn't taken my inhaler with me so I think he panicked and he proposed! I was 17 and said yes Parents weren't pleased (both sets) but mine couldn't really say anything as I was the result of their first ahem 'encounter'! Silly parents!!
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          No proposals from me...hope the other half wasnt expecting one! He certainly wont be getting one today as he has managed to dye the pocket area of my NEW white linen trousers....they are in the machine being washed with colourfast....***rolling my eyes***

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            I got married in 2000 after proposing to my now husband. Actually I think I told him that we really ought to get married as we had a four year old at the time who was about to start school. It would have been soooo embarrassing if he had turned me down but he agreed to let me go ahead and arrange it. I say go for it girls!!


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              A chance would be a fine thing LOL! Been on my own too long!

              Sue x


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                D'ya know I was seriously considering scaring the bejesus out of my fella and proposing yesterday!

                ...but I'm not divorced yet so I thought, maybe not....separated 4 years so I thought I'd err on the side of sensibility and wait til next leap year

                shaz x
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