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A new week (w/c 9th June)

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  • A new week (w/c 9th June)

    Good Morning All

    A day of sunshine and showers, hauling Shiloh out for a walk and hope stays dry, think he is feeling the heat and does not like the rain, hmpff! but he does like paddling pools, go figure!

    Clearing DH's music room today, no mean feat so the plumbers can hopefully sort a leak in the floor below, if I can get to my machine finishing off a birthday gift, not due until mid October but this is part of my super dooper new organisational skills, worked for 5 months so far. Have also sorted some more project boxes and have a bout 6 projects all ready to go.

    What are you up to today? whatever you do enjoy.
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    I'm feeling pretty exausted at the moment, so I plan to take it easy. If the weather holds up, I'll take Barnaby out for a walk later. Ihave a couple of pieces to sort out for a client and a keepsake quilt to make so that's plenty to keep me going.
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      They really can't make their mind up about the weather, last night I checked and it was meant to be sunny all day but now I see we're due rain all afternoon so best make the most of the morning. Caroline I don't envy you having to clear a room in this weather, I did a bit of the loft yesterday and felt absolutely drained. I feel even more drained reading how organised you are

      Karen feels exhausted? So you are human after all I'm tired too (what's new?) so plan to take it as easy as it's possible with a 2 year old in tow. We'll head off to a toddler group in the next hour and then the afternoon will be pottering around trying to tidy the house as I got nothing done yesterday housework wise. We did have a lovely morning yesterday visiting the open farm day at the College of West Anglia, Alex got to stroke a Chinchilla, hamster, mouse and rabbit and said hello to horses, cows, goats, pigs, sheep and llamas. He also got to plant some lettice seeds and was given the pot to take home with him and he had an ice cream too

      Indri how did the show go yesterday? Did you win any prizes?
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        Good morning Peeps.

        RaRa you have just got to listen to your body and slow down a bit. Not easy with a baby but the dust will be there tomorrow and it won't look any worse than it does today.

        After working all weekend in Shaftsbury have to catch up with the mundane today and we also have to deliver the final piece of an order to Bristol at lunchtime. So later it's washing , ironing and cleaning and I have to order our new display unit after mulling it over for ages. Big decision and lots of expense, but there comes a point if we are going to do bigger shows, we do need to look more professional and a series of home made shelving just doesn't do it.

        Right off to town see you later, have a good day everyone.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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          Happy Tuesday I hope.

          The workman arrived could not start to cure the leak as did not have the right equipment!!!!!!!! Not happy bunnies and waiting to see what today brings, all I can say is when the homecare is up for renewal will be cancelling the plumbing and electricity part a total waste of time. Could have had our own plumber in by now to sort. Plus we may have to get a builder out to replace part of the floor they take up, grrr

          Another day of not knowing what we are going to do, have to wait for a phone call for times then we can decide, I hate this waiting, sorry being very impatient this morning but this is the 4th visit or to sort out a water leak.

          Onwards another beautiful day and did sit in the garden for a while yesterday x-stitching so not all wasted. The dog gets under the bench seat in the cool, very sensible and the roses round the pergola smelt delicious.

          Have a good day


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            Spent 4 days at a show last week then had a ton of orders to get out, so feeling slightly jaded.

            Today I have appointments nearly all day, accountants, designers, printers, etc, so will get new orders out this morning

            Hope the rain stays off, as we are having outside painted this week - must buy some tea and milk, why do decorators need a tea fix every hour?

            Have a great day

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              I'm at work all week. Only this week and next week left for the MSc students to finish their lab projects. Tomorrow evening I have my crochet class. I will be continuing with my waistcoat that I am making.
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                Originally posted by greannancrafts View Post
                must buy some tea and milk, why do decorators need a tea fix every hour?
                Don't forget the sugar too! Forgetting we only have rooibos tea in the house I once offered workmen tea only to have to let them know the bad news - to be fair that was the only cup of tea I was asked to make that day
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                  Its all go here had a few orders so trying to finish them before i go on holiday at weekend (Blackpool) for 4 day can't wait
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                    Laptop has to go to "the man who can" this morning, so that will keep me off the computer a bit as the desktop is not within arm's reach of my chair! Shopping to be done whilst I am in town then at home lots of sorting out, tidying up and making of lists to be done. So many things "in progress" that I can't always remember which job has got to which stage (simply because other people need to be doing things and aren't best communicators). I'm also waiting for a phone call to say my DBS check is back and I can start work the next day - told to expect 2-5 working days and it's now nearly three weeks.

                    At the moment I'm wasting time on the PC when I should be getting myself organised to go out.



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                      Worked all weekend, today and tomorrow off, throwing a few shapes at Qi Gung tomorrow night, (Love it!) got to get about today in search of stuff, couple of cuts to plan out, wall paper to strip because er' indoors went on a bit of a spree the weekend when I was slaving away....busy old life ain't it? Just had phone call from the youngest....all piling down Sunday with their respective other halves....



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                        Delivered an order to Bristol yesterday and stopped to have a lovely lunch in a Clifton Cafe where I grew up. It still has that Village feel and if I had to live in a city I would still like to be there. No chance though unless we win the lottery, had a look in Savilles Estate Agents window just to be nosy........oooooh errrrrr !!

                        BIG pile of ironing to tackle sometime today and really must run the hoover over the floors. Builders outside repairing the collapsing wall around the patio so the house is full of dust and quite pointless cleaning it every couple of hours.....only three more weeks to go, sighhhhhh.

                        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                          We're just back from tumble tots and a quick wizz around town afterwards. It's glorious out there and feeling chuffed with myself that we managed to get to the market to buy our fruit this week - it is so much nicer and far cheaper than the supermarkets.

                          Having a spot of lunch before hanging the washing out, we bought one of those cheapy felt outline pictures with felt tip pens at the market so I'm hoping Alex will have a bash at that during his 'quiet' (hahahaha) time this afternoon.
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