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Living up to my name!

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  • Living up to my name!

    Ok, so we all know the second half of my business name is "jellybrain" ... and not without good reason :

    I took Toby to his first fancy-dress birthday party this afternoon

    ....................... 24 hours too late!

    I'm so mortified!
    He was all dressed up as a knight and had been asking all morning if it was time to go to the party yet?
    When I pulled up at the house I thought "there's not many cars, perhaps we're the first to arrive?"
    No. The family were all sat round in their tracksuits enjoying slobbing about on a Sunday afternoon.
    I nearly started crying when they said it was yesterday. Poor little man.
    Needless to say, he's completely fine about it whilst I'm still cringing at being so rubbish!

    Please put me out of my misery and share your "useless mum" stories here!
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    Aw bless....

    Sadly I'm not a mum so have zilch to share on that score JBJB....

    but I had to say AW BLESS

    Little Man knows you love him and will forget it far FAR FAR more quickly than you so cut yourself some slack

    Shaz x
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      Snigger, silly sausage !

      I once exhibited at a craft fair after the clocks had gone forward, and arrived to set up one hour late when the public were already coming in!
      I wasn't very popular that day, especially as they gave me a stand right at the front.

      Another one was, I received a phone call from a craft fair organiser asking me why I hadn't turned up to exhibit on the previous Sunday, and when I checked my dairy I had written down against the wrong date ! Blow me I'd missed it, that one cost me £65.00 down the drain.

      This all makes me sound a bit dizzy, and although I'm blond, these were many years ago, and I'm very sensible now... Sometimes too sensible

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        i've done the same thing -- when no1 son was in first year at school they a fancy dress christmas party and we spent ages on making him into a christmas tree and he was soooo looking forward to it on the thursday afternoon and when i was taking him to school on that day his teacher asked if everything was all right as he hadn't turned up for the party the day before!!!!! i was so embarresed as i had checked on the monday what day the party was?
        while i knit i think


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          I used to go to a saturday school to practice maths & english as i was going to take the 11+, my mum dropped me off just outside and I toddled off to the gates...they were saturday school that day, I didnt know what to do, I just stood by the gates waiting...& waiting....half hour later mum comes back after her lightbulb moment...she remembered there was no class that day! After all that I didnt take the 11+ lol

          Last year, i was in my final year at uni, I dropped my son off at nursery and the only thing on my mind was that I was running out of time to finish my dissertation, feeling totally stressed & stuck in a traffic jam I looked behind me in my car...I couldnt see my son, I thought i'd left him somewhere, in a total minute of frenzy it came back to me that I had just dropped him off at nursery. doh!

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            In my younger days I worked part time at Kwik Save. As my parents were on holiday and I was looking after the house, I didn't really spend much time in the house as I worked and also partied quite a bit.

            I also need my sleep. So, went to bed early afternoon on the Friday to get a decent nights sleep in time for my 8am to 6pm shift. I woke at 7, had breakfast and rang for a taxi (I was a lazy git too!) Still did not really dawn on me the fact it was a little darker than normal.

            It did dawn on me when the taxi driver asked if I was working the night shift.....

            So I asked him to take me home!! I'd only been asleep for about 4 hours and thought it was 7am Saturday morning and not 7pm Friday night