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  • storage problems

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me. My daughter is away at university so I am using her room as a craft room which is fabulous. I eagerly started to sort out my craft stuff Boy I didn't realise how much I have got.The problem is how to split it up so that I can find everything. I bought some storage tubs large deep ones I thought I would keep my embellishments in I have about 12 tubs plus several cardboard boxes and plastic trays full of pearls.brads,beads,chrystal's,butterflies,flowers, metal,wire,confetti,tags,sequins,buttons,
    buttons,paper embellishments,foam shapes,fabric,3d.diecuts,fibres,glitters,and much much more. It is going to take years to split it all up I dont know whether to split in themes, or colours or items and I'm getting so bogged down in trying to sort things that I'm not getting any crafting done.It takes so long to find things that
    Im not having the fun I usually do it's so frustrating. I have 5 massive tubs of card and paper and cards and envelopes and decoupage and stamps,inks etc which I managed to sort out but the small things are driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

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    Why dont you try getting a box with dividers in it..that way for example with your beads you can sort them into colours, shapes, sizes or however is easiest for you, so then all your bead stuff will be together in one box, but divided and sorted. You could do the same for your other things...I dont know what you make or how you use your stuff so cant tell you really to well how best to organise things!

    For example, with all my paints, I keep them in the same box but they are seperated with dividers....oils in one part, acrylics in another, gold leaf together, glues, string, etc etc!

    I would imagine it is boring sorting and not much fun at all, but once its done its done, then craft life will be much happier

    I think the most important thing in sorting is to think about how you make your crafts, then think how your storaging (not sure if thats a word, but hey!!) will best optimize your crafting!

    Sorry if thats not much help!


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      Personally, I've got everything sorted into colours, BUT within resource type.

      ie - all my buttons are sorted into colours and in separate boxes
      Then it's ribbons, embellishments etc also sorted by colour
      all my fabrics are sorted in drawers, but in colours, so I have 4 pink drawers, 1 blue drawer etc
      then all my beads are also sorted into colour drawers.

      And yes, it was really boring to do and took me about a week at the beginning of January, but it has made life sooo much easier. I still have to look for things, but at least I always know roughly where things are.

      Good luck!
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        I have an absolute dream of a wardrobe from ikea. I would show you but photobucket is down ATM but as soon as it's back i'll post a piccie
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          What about the really useful boxes. You can either buy them online, at Staples or Hobbycraft. They have some clear boxes which would make it easier to see through.
          I used to sort mine in bits rather than colours.

          ETA: The boxes stack up quite well.


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            this is my wardrobe that i was telling you about

            it's so big and usefull and holds loads
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              that looks realy useful, and neat... off to look at Ikeas's online catalogue!!


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                I love the wardrobe I have an ikea brochure somewhere I must go look for it


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                  Love that wardrobe!!! Any idea what it comes under on their website - having trouble finding it!?
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                    Sorry but i'm not sure. It's one where you buy the carcuss (£40 for the one i have) then you buy the bits seperate such as:
                    Shelves - 2 for £9
                    wire basket - £9 (i think)
                    wooden shelves (both small with compartments and draws) £19 each
                    basket and lid - around £12/15

                    It's really good so you can pick and choose them to meet your needs, you can do it real cheap with just shelves and baskets if you wanted. The one i have costed £140-160 (it was somehwere around that anyway).

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                      That wardrobe is fab! I struggle for storage, my craft stuff is dotted all over the house. I've recently had to take over a whole double section of my daughters built in w'drobe but I've still got a mountain of stuff taking over the dining room (aka my work room)! Considering the amount of materials I have accumulated I don't actually produce much to show for it!

                      Personally for small items (buttons,beads,jewelry components etc) I love the storage cases you can get from DIY shops. I bought one from Wickes last month which has lots of little lift out trays but when you shut the lid (clear so you can see stuff at a glance) everything stays in its own tray which I thought was great! Cost about £15 though, which i thought was a bit steep!
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