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Pancake Day!!!

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  • Pancake Day!!!

    Anyone else looking forward to a big plate of pancakes later, or am I just being a pig??
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    Your not being a pig!
    Pancakes are just so yummy. Fresh warm lemon and sugar.
    Its a game in our household to see who can eat the most.
    Im so excited, i cant wait for tea time now!

    As for lent, its a great excuse for yet, another diet! The new year resolution caved in, so im hoping this will work!

    Av xx
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      All Set...

      ...just finishing my coffee, then I'm off to make a very large bowl of pancake batter. It's better after it's rested a few hours.

      I make crepes, and the boys like to fill theirs with sliced bananas, cream & choc sauce, I prefer plain lemon & sugar, Himself with go for loads of chocolate sauce and the DD likes butterscotch sauce with hers. Got to make a fresh lot today.

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        I cheat and get that ready made stuff that you just shake. I had some last night with blueberries and banana....still making my mind up about tonight's culinery delights!
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          One of my favourite days of the year!

          There's going to be loads of flipping tonight. Though my daughter thinks there omlettes and always wants tomatoe sauce on hers... yuk! Going to have to introduce her to the chocolate sauce and squeezed orange i think!

          Have a great time pancaking!!
          x Maria



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            I've decided that instead of having soup or scrambled eggs on toast or something equally not too exciting before going out to my tap class that this year I'll do myself some pancakes. I'm off to get a lemon at lunchtime, so I can alternate between that and maple syrup.

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              I lived off pancakes for a week once ..

              Pancake day has never been the same since..

              Enjoy it everyone!

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                Why am I such a numpty and thought it was Pancake Day tomorrow?!?!

                I blame it on being married to a control freak, I went to work, came home slept and learnt chuff all about anything valuable in life...


                ...until I left him of course, so I'm learning LOADS now, HA HA

                Shaz x
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                  I'm just watching Hollyoaks (yes yes sad I know and it's worse cos I'm 33!!!) and then I'm off to make some!
                  My beloved is away to a footie match so they're all for me!


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                    we have had to put off pancake day till tomorrow!!
                    Was just about to go mix some batter when daughter came home with an injured foot, stried ice pack,but to no avail, so took her to docs, afet she'd had lunch, and then up to hospital. nothng broken luckily , but leg heavily strapped up, and has to stay off her foot for 3 whole days. Didn't gethome till 7.30 and exhasuted , so the consensus was to leave the pancakes till tomorrow


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                      i tend to make pancakes quite a lot but in the old fashioned way - i still use the old family gridle (large round metal plate used on a gas stove - but an electric pan does the same job!) soda bread flour, castor sugar, eggs and buttermilk all mixed to a thick batter and spooned onto the hot gridle once the mix starts to bubble turn and cook on the other side serve hot with sugar and lemon juice delish some people might know them as scotch pancakes and when i put the gridle on you can be sure there is a que forming behind me
                      while i knit i think




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                        Pancake day causes so many arguments between me and my fiance. We have very different ideas on how to cook them, what the final product should look / taste like and very important - what fillings to use. But we have lots of fun trying to teach each other. He is so wrong but it is so funny watching him flip his pancakes around the kitchen (I have to laugh even knowing the floor will have to be washed again!)


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                          I forgot !! Doh. Well, actually I remembered in the morning but by tea time it had completely slipped my mind so we missed out. Will have to compensate with a pancake-fest at the weekend


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                            ..Soda bread flour? I've never tried that method. Does it make it make them lighter? Any particular brand of flour?

                            I too have a griddle, my mum passed hers down to me, and the children love it when I do an old fashioned high tea. Scotch pancakes, scones, sandwiches etc with the more modern addition of fresh fruit sliced up and served with a chocolate dip.

                            I'm definitely going to try the soda bread flour version though - thanks for that Crafty!

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                              Hi Jules
                              we use Neills soda bread flour and it seems to be a bit of an irish thing http:// http:// it is plain flour with baking soda and cream tarter already in it and we add buttermilk which is the liquid that is left behind when cream is churned to make butter and this makes the pancakes rise and have a lovely buttery taste you should be able to get the flour from tesco and if they don't have it let me know and we'll see if i can't get you some
                              while i knit i think