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Are you making any New Year resolutions?

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  • Are you making any New Year resolutions?

    I don't make them, I know that I will never keep them. I have made a list of craft projects the other day, for completion before the end of 2014. I've already started on one Christmas present for 2014. Nothing like starting early!!!
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    My only resolution is to remember how far I've come, especially when I'm feeling down. Going to list all my crafty achievements from the last year and put it somewhere I can see when I'm crafting. This year I shall keep a list as I achieve each new thing
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      Just to have a more handmade Christmas that is my goal


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        A FB friend posted about their 2013 jar - when anything happened in 2013 that was happy, good, made them smile, was an achievement, made them go 'awww', made them proud etc etc etc they would write it on a bit of paper and put it in the jar. She got everyone in her house to do this and then last night they opened the jar and read all the memories together to remind themselves of all the good things that happened

        If I was organised enough I'd love to do something similar this year.
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          Trying to keep to my plan for 2014, both work life and personal. Not sure will happen but started on 2014 gifts before Christmas 2013. This year I will be organised and stick to my planning schedule


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            I have already recorded mine on Stefs thread. Thats the only one I am making this year.
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              My new years resolution is to earn more money...such a difficult resolution to take on!!
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                This year I made the New Year's resolution for the first time. I hope I can do it.