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Good gracious!!! M&S!

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  • Good gracious!!! M&S!

    I have just tried to place a small order at M & S - it came up with "as we are very busy, orders are taking 3 weeks to deliver"

    Okay, we are a very micro business, but this time of year we work thru the night to get orders out the next day - no wonder they are losing sales?

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    Hmmmm thats definately not the sort of response i would have expected from someone like M&S. maybe they think is is okay to give that bad service.

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      I had the same problem a couple of days ago. They offered to deliver to a nearby store, and that was going to take even longer!


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        In this day and age you thought they would have got their act together, they are experts in the field of selling and Christmas. It's not like they are a new company and are running before they can walk.


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          I can understand delays at this time of the year but not that long. I ordered my candle making supplies last week, they were here 24 hours after i ordered them, i didn't mind paying the extra delivery for that service, but i would have minded paying the £3 less for it to have taken over a week to arrive by royal mail.
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            Really? It might be due to the offer they put on or they may just being cautious. I ordered when they put 20% reduction on about a week ago. I got a message whilsyt placing the order saying delivery would be delayed due to orders. I wasn't bothered as they items were for a Christmas present. The items were delivered two days ago.

            Orders to store are usually free, mine always have been. I paid the £3.50 delivery as I didn't want to collect a large order at peak shopping times.