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  • Cold remedy?

    What's the best way to get rid of a cold quickly? I normally use Beechams Powders but last time I used them it took a week for the cold to go and I need this one to go by Thursday (don't fancy being on a plane with a runny nose!)
    Any old wives tales, good medicine advice gratefully taken - thanks!
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    My dad used to boil up oranges and lemons, add a dash of honey, strain it all and then add whiskey - he used to swear by it and to be honest I use it myself when I have a cold!!! Hate whisky mind you but I put more honey in to mask the taste.

    Keep your feet and head warm and just snuggle up when you can.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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      My hubby swears by taking a contact 400, wrapping up in his dressing gown and going to bed and sweat the cold out of him. He generally gets over the cold really quickly the next day he is a whole lot better. I have been really lucky with my work I get the flu jag and I haven't had a bad cold for absolutely years.



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        Some vitamin c tablets should help you on your way to recovery. Also, if you're still a wee bit snivelly, drinking some milk will stop a runny nose


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          I'm with Pauline whiskey and honey and yes even some Scottish people cant stand the stuff so the more honey the better for me too........

          Hope you feeling better soon and enjoy you hols when they come.



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            I definately second the boiled lemon and whiskey....if you can get some echinacea tintcure from boots and pop it into drinks. It's tasteless but it boosts you own immune system. I gets you on the straight and narrow a bit quicker and I take it as I start to feel like i'm getting a cold and the cold doesn't seem anywhere near as bad....of course it could just be a placebo but i've always been gullible.
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              Steam inhalation is great, if you've got any essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus or rosemary to put in the water it helps even more. If not, just use a bowl of water hot enough to produce steam, lean over it with a towel covering your head and breathe in the steam (you could still have the whiskey afterwards)!!
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                I dont have any natural remedies but Sudafed Decongestant always works for me & pretty quickly too. I caught the one that's gone round my friends n family recently and mine came n went whilst they were still feeling the last effects of theirs...

                ...get well soon, just dont try em all at once o course!

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                  Right - thanks guys! Off to have a very hot bath now with a glass of milk (no whiskey in the house!) and then a big snuggle in bed and hopefully I can sweat it out of me!!
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                    ...and LOTS of it!

                    I swear it kills all known germs....! If you're not totally keen on the taste, then slosh it in some hot chocolate. Pickles the germs and helps you sleep!

                    I take brandy for everything (no, I'm not an alchy....) I swear by it for toothache too.

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                      I take vitamin C everyday and I cant recall when I last had a cold.If i do then the symptoms are very small.


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                        The newspaper recently recommeded port...

                        I think as long as its alcoholic it will take your mind off it!
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