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  • Carnival Float Inspiration

    What have I done?


    I have kind of volunteered to organise a float for my daughter's primary school in the local carnival at Spring Bank holiday. Does anyone out there have any experience of this kind of thing?

    We have possibly got a lorry we can use but I need suggestions for a theme. Something that will appeal to boys and girls, AND parents and teachers!

    Any ideas? I'm panicking slightly.[email protected]/

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    The town which my parents live in have a parade every summer for St Wilfred's day - he built the cathedral there. There have been loads of floats but I can't remember all of them. Here's some I can remember
    Pirates of Penzance
    Sunflower Valley (not Bob the Builder just lots of dressing up as sunflowers)
    Keep Fit
    Victorian schooling

    Sorry I can't remember any others but if I think of anything then I'll let you know. The keep fit one would be good as you could have children running around at the back collecting money for the school and the teachers sitting on rowing machines etc on the truck!
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      When I read this thread it bought back a very fond memory of being on a float when I was little.

      Anyway our theme was Mr Men and it was great fun. I think I was Mr Nosey from what I can remember.

      Good luck with it. Let us know what you decide on.


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        The sunflower float sounds kool.Sence its spring you could use spring flower garden instead with the boys being clouds the sun and maybe birds.Not sure what Ages they are but it would work if the kids are younger.Not sure if they are older.They may think its
        Shabby Neesey


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          I was in one which must have had either a spring theme or a creepy crawly theme, I went as a caterpillar, it was great fun

          All these lovely memories came flooding back when I read your post