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  • I am a Numpty....

    .......can't believe what I've done.

    Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. I know he wanted that Blacker & Decker wrench thingy adverstised on tv. I found one on eBay, bid & won on it (half the price of shops, inc p&P) and as I was going away, decided it would be most efficient of me to get it sent to my parent's house instead of mine directly from the ebay seller.

    Very efficient. Well done. Apart from the fact that it was delivered today whilst the AP's were out. They have collect it from their PO. Only it's addressed to me at their address and they have no proof of my identity. Rats......foiled again.

    They are going down with proof of their address to see if the PO people will be nice to them. I have to wait for Mum to call me and tell me what happened. I could kick myself...

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    oh dear!!!

    well...its the thought that counts so they say!!!i am sure the posties will be nice to your mum, if she explains that you have been a silly billy!!!

    good luck, and happy birthday to your pop!!!

    dee x
    Dee x
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      oh......whoops. They never both to look at any id at our post office perhaps your folks one will be the same.


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        Tee hee hee, havn't we all done something like that!

        I guess that as long as you have some ID that matches up with something on the address label they will let you have it. At the Bath PO they just let us have the parcels as long as we have some relation to the name or address.

        Good luck though, and i hope he likes the present after all the kuffufle!
        Av xx
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          Ooops. Do you know I would have done the same thing and I wouldn't have even given it a thought about my address if the parcel wasn't delivered. Hope they get it okay.



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            As long it's just a normal parcel and not sent recorded or special delivery (needing a signature) then you don't need any ID to collect it, just the 'you were out' card.

            If it does require ID then you could bypass the post office entirely - on the calling card there's a number to phone where your parents can arrange for it to be redelivered to them the next day...assuming they'll definitely be in.

            You can tell I've been there, done that a few times can't you
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              My mum remembered she had a form with my address, name & signature on it from when we opened a joint savings account for my youngest son. So she took that with her. She did ask the counter assistant if she'd have been able to collect it without the form, and they said no as it had required a signature.

              I'll remember what Natty said about redelivery though, just in case I'm daft enough to do it again....

              I won't know if my Dad likes it until his birthday tomorrow...but he did ask for it. He's 74 tomorrow and very fit & active, but he needs help with stuff like tightening & loosening. Not that he'll admit it!

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