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  • bt rant....

    ......I am so fed up. Just spent ages on the phone.

    We got our phone bill email on Friday, but I didn't look at it. We were going away and I was busy.

    I've opened it this morning and it didn't look too bad. It's normally about £41 as we only pay our line rental through bt plus VAT. Himself was peering over my shoulder and asked what the £12.50 charges were. I have no idea as I don't really look at the bill that closely.

    Anyway, we logged into bt online and had a look at all the bills we've had for the past year or so and they all have these 'late payment' why? I phoned bt. They queued me for 23 minutes, before deigning to answer. Apparently, we get charged every quarter because our bill is paid late! I find this a bit gobsmacking as it's paid by direct debit. And I know, because I've checked, that the DD goes out on time every due date. It hasd never been unpaid or returned.

    Anyhoo, to cut to the really cruddy bit - it turns out that bt have our DD date written down incorrectly. So something totally fab on their computerised system constantly adds these charges to our account. Ok, I said, refund them. can't do that. WHY???? WHY NOT??? You can see the problem, you know it's your fault, you sort it. No, this cannot be done.

    So, now we have to put copies of bank statements showing the dd payments, copies of bills etc all in a letter to bt customer services dept. And send it recorded delivery. So, shedloads of our time to going to waste. And after a few weeks they might have a little look at it, if we're really lucky....Himself is at present compiling this epic, and also putting in a bill for his time.

    Cross? You bet you're sweet bippy. I'm fuming....

    Oh yeah, just to add to it, we have no water owing to a burst water main, and I can't stop sneezing today. Obviously bt have got right up my nose....

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    I would go mental, typical companies like BT. Don't give up though, get your money back!

    I have a similar story, I lived in Stockholm for a few years and when I moved away I terminated my phone contract with the company I used.
    Then, one year later I get a letter saying I have to pay some money to them. I looked at the bill and it was for phone calls made when I already had moved.
    Called them and they said that everything looked ok, I told them that I don't live there anymore and haven't done for over a year, but it was like talking to a wall.
    It took me 6 months to convince them that they had made a mistake, so many phone calls and emails. But I did get them to clear the bills in the end.



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      Aaarrgghh!! Don't these mega companies drive you mental. Like you say it's the amount of time you have to spend sorting things out in the vain hope of getting them to do something about it.
      Did you threaten them with moving to another provider? Sometimes the possibility of losing a customer changes their minds a bit.
      Have you ever been on the website 'money saving expert'? He is brill with advice on this kind of thing. (IF you listen to Radio 2 he's the guy that's on with Jeremy Vine on Fridays.)
      Good luck with getting the dosh refunded.[email protected]/


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        These companies are great aren't they. When they want money they want it ASAP, but when you need any payment/refund then you have to wait ages, and fill out lengthy forms and provide shed loads of evidence to back it all up (we're currently in the process of sorting out some refund from ABTA - but hubby can't get to a bank til half term so we have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks).
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          OMG I really hate BT and can't wait to get rid of them!!!!

          It must be so frustrating for you right now!! hope it all comes right in the end, though of course it going to take time and effort on your part and more than likely BT will hope you will just give it!!! arrrrrrrrr!

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            Guys, I have got to share something with you! There's a way out of this BT hell!!

            I had similar problems with BT in the past and got charged £450 for engineer visits that never happened!! I have now switched to the most amazing company!! They guarantee they will be cheaper than BT, British Gas, EDF etc etc and their customer services is amazing!! UK based call center and 90% of calls are answered in 15 seconds!! I am now saving nearly £500 on my bills a year and I could not be happier! I even get all my UK calls free!! Another great thing - all my utilities come through on one easy bill every month and are paid by direct debit spread over the year.

            You may not have heard of them because they keep their costs down by not advertising. They go purely by word of mouth through existing customers. If anyone would like the details drop me a line [email protected] and I would be happy to share the wealth (so to speak!!).

            Fran xx
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