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  • Vapour Trails

    ......Out of my workroom window, I've been watching the vapour trails.

    They are incredibly high, 35,000ft? And going in both easterly and westerly directions. Seems unbelievable (and unatural) that at the end of that fluffy, fast-moving cloud there is an elongated tin tube with possibly hundreds of people inside it.....

    An odd thought, I one I thought I'd share...

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    what makes it even more head scratchingly funny is that i help to build those tin tubes and am still amazed when the manage to get of the ground
    while i knit i think


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      All the laws of physics state that a plane shouldn't be able to fly .........

      ..... or is that a bee I'm thinking of?

      Another interesting fact about vapour trails : on the 11th September when America halted all takeoffs and landings, the Earth warmed up by a whole 1 degree because the sunlight wasn't being reflected back into the atmosphere by the trails. It's been given the name of "global dimming" and was on a really interesting Horizon programme which ocassionaly gets shown on satelite telly. My intellectual moment there for you!
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        On a Monday morning Anya and I often comment that the plane flying above us could be Daddy on his way to London!! Keeps her amused anyway!
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          I Like Flying...

          ...but when we go to Switzerland I get a bit panicky.

          I know it's only an hour or so, but there are 8 of us from one family in that glorified cigar tube. All of us, hurtling towards thin air at many many miles per hour. Totally unnatural.

          Having said that, I see the vapour trails and I long to go somewhere. Worse now as Mr M is off to snowy climes.....ah well, maybe next year.

          Should summer deign to turn up this year, we will be off to Exford for 'le camping''ll be a wee while before we see Wengen again.

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