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  • here's hoping

    that all you lovely people out here can keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or whatever, for me and hubby for tomorrow.

    he's due in at hospital at 8am for a knee op, but just went down with a chesty cold a couple of days ago.

    been heavily dosing him up with everything possible. Gallons of fresh orange juice, hot curry, every possible medication going, etc etc, and it's a lot better , but it's not quite gone, and all thats left now is to hope he's well enough by morning, and they don't turn him away, as I dont think he'd survive the agonising pains from his knee any longer.

    maybe some good cyber karma will cure the last of the cold

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    i will be keeping my fingers crossed for you hope i he is much better in the morning

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      BIG Thoughts.....

      ,........coming your way!

      I'm sure he'll be fine by tomorrow!

      But still sending of loads positive thoughts your way.....good luck with the op, he'll be up and about in no time. Don't forget to look after yourself too, he'll need you to help him and you can't help if you are stressed.

      Himself had a huge gallrock removed last year (you'll find shedloads of threads on here about it all, as this was the one place I felt I could prattle on, and on, and on, about it) Couldn't talk to my children as I didn't want to spook them, my in-laws weren't interested and my own AP's are a tad too far away. Everyone on here was fab, loads of support and virtual hugs aplenty!!

      Keep us posted!

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        Fingers crossed for you that everything goes ok tomorrow xxx
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          It's a total nightmare, he hasnt been able to work at all for 4 months ( so no income) and the pain he suffers at times is awful( it's actually painful to watch his pain , if you see what i mean). there's days he can't even walk at all, and others when he seems fine, and just collapseds as the knee's given way, so this op is really important, cos, even if they cant sort it all out ( a variety of different problems in there) it has got to mean a radical improvement.

          i don't think any of the family could cope if they have to re schedule

          Just seems so unfair that he should get ill at the last moment, cos apar from his knee he's really healthy usually


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            Think Positive!

            Tomorrow is going to be the last day of all that. I know he'll feel worse after the op, but after that the only way is up! Think big positive thoughts, but when you feel like it, you can come and whinge at us - it really does help, honest!

            We went through this last year with Himself, and it's like looking at a totally new man now. There were times when he was in so much pain we had to call the paramedics (we had no idea what was wrong with him at first) and I found it terrifying. It doesn't help that I have a phobia about hospitals either. Once diagnosis had been made, we could avoid the pain attacks with 100% fat free diet (he lost 2st in less than 2 weeks). It took 16 weeks from the first violent attack to surgery, but within two weeks of surgery the change was just gobsmacking.

            He's still not quite 100% now, but only has a few twinges when he's pigged out on the wrong stuff! We aren't complaining though, because even now he's so much better than he was before. He has 4 prolapsed discs in his back, and half the pain we thought was the discs turned out to be his gallbladder. Gallbladder's gone and so has most of the pain.

            Mr Ilove will be absolutely fine!

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              feeling a bit more hopeful, Thanks al!
              better go and try and get some slep as need to leave here at 6.30 !

              hope to give you a positive update later tomorrow, but you'dprobably hear the screams of rege and frustation from there if they turn us away!!


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                good luck for tomorrow
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                  Good luck for today - let us know how he gets on - all these good vibes surely must be making his cold better.

                  All the best


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                    Good luck for today !!!

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                      Good luck for to-day. Hope it all works out and his cold has disappered.

                      Big hugs coming your way.

                      Cheers Janice


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                        I hope it all goes well for you today!

                        Good luck

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                          Hope the operation has been successfully completed and all is well.



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                            Any News?

                            I'm guessing that as Ilove hasn't been on today, Mr Ilove has been accepted into the hospital and has undergone his knee op?

                            Hope everything has gone swimmingly. Hugs to both!

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                              home safe and operated

                              just got in about 20 mins ago!!

                              His cold was as bad as ever , if not worse in fact this morning, so set off with some trepidation. Got there nice and early (7.30)and went to book in.
                              had to sit and wait, albeit a litle distance from the main desk, so each ime he sniffed or coughed I had to sniff, cough, blow my nose louder to cover up.

                              Got up onto the ward, and although plenty of nurses heard the sniffs and coughs, nothing was said and eventually went in about 10.30 for the op ( about 2 mins after they'd told me it would still be a while so I might as well go for coffee)

                              He was in for 2 1/2 hrs!! ( the next bloke's only took 40 mins!), and after rhe surgeon told me what they'd found and done.. basically his knee is totally knackered, but he should be a lot better for a fair while, till it has to be replaced.

                              He should have stayed in til tomorrow, but they let him out as he was insistent, and mobile and cheerful etc..

                              so ,, so far so good

                              Thanks for all your wishes and thoughts, i'm sure it made a big difference