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    Craft Club

    Craft Club March Cambridgeshire will be for those interested in doing crafts or are looking to learn a particular craft and share it with others.
    Another aspect of Craft Club will be “Mend and Make “Which is where you make new outfits from old. It will also include such things as “how many alternative uses can a yoghurt pot have “ In this day of economic cuts its essential to be as savvy as our grandparents were in the post war days.
    The Craft Club will meet every 2 weeks and is free to join, but there is a £1 fee per meeting just as a donation towards overheads etc.
    The Craft club will meet in the Marwick Centre,21 Marwick Road,March, Cambs, PE15 8PH
    Times to be advised.
    A leader is needed for the actual meetings, no experience necessary but must have an interest in craft etc. This is a voluntary role.
    There is a revival in craft in recent years as people realise that it is more economical to repair or make certain things. Children quickly grow out of their clothes so the mum who can adjust hems etc can make the clothes go that bit further and save a few bob in doing so.
    There will be guest speakers and hopefully visits to craft events.
    There are no age or gender restrictions.
    For more details please email