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  • Not a spoof - parents read this

    McDonalds, Ikea, Go Banannas, Discovery Zone... All places with
    ball pits! in the children's play area. One of my sons lost his watch, and was very
    upset. We dug and dug in those balls, trying to find his watch. Instead,
    we found vomit, food, faeces, and other stuff I do not want to discuss.
    I went to the manager and raised hell. Come to find out, the ball pit is
    only cleaned out once a month.
    I have doubts that it is even done that often. My kids will never play
    in another ball pit. Some of you might not be parents, but you may have
    nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or friends with children.
    Hi. My name is Lauren Archer.
    On October 2nd, 1999 I took my only son Kevin to McDonald's for his 3 rd
    birthday. After he finished lunch, I allowed him to play in the ball pit.
    When he started whining later on, I asked him what was wrong, he pointed
    to the back of his pull-up and simply said 'Mummy, it hurts.' I couldn't find
    anything wrong with him at that time. I bathed him when we got home, and
    it was at that point when I found a welt on his left buttock. Upon investigating,
    it seemed as if there was something like a splinter under the welt.
    I made an appointment to see the doctor the next day, but soon he
    started vomiting and shaking, then his eyes rolled back into his head.
    >From there, we went to the emergency room. He died later that night. It
    turned out
    that the welt on his Buttock was the tip of a hypodermic needle that had
    broken off inside. The autopsy revealed that Kevin had died from a
    heroine overdose. The next week, The police removed the balls from the ball pit.
    There was rotten food, several hypodermic needles: some full, some used;
    knives, half-eaten lollies, nappies, faeces, and the stench of urine.
    (You can find the article on Kevin Archer in the October 10,1999 issue
    of the Midland
    Chronicle.) Don't think it's just McDonald's either. A little boy had
    been playing in a ball pit @ a Hungry Jacks & started complaining of his
    legs hurting. He later died too. He was found to have snake bites all over his legs
    & buttocks. When they cleaned the ball pit they found that there was a
    copperhead's nest in the ball pit. He had suffered numerous bites from a
    very poisonous snake.

    Repost this if it scares the crap out of you!! Repost this if you care
    about kids!! Please forward this to all loving mothers, fathers and
    anyone who
    loves and cares for children!! What has this world come to??
    If a child is not safe in a child's play area then where??
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    Eeekk - I know - and they are quite deep too.

    The only one I will let them play in is an NHS sensory room as its sparkling clean!


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      I used to be a cleaner for the NHS I had to clean a very large ball pit out in my dutys. Because it was large and took 4 hrs to empty the clean all the balls (20 bin bags of balls. ) it was only on my rota once amonth, The nurses were suposed to check it every day I don't think they ever did.

      It wasn't any where near the size of those in play gyms so I can imagine the time they would take to clean.
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        Ow god what a thought - that never even crossed my mind - when I think of the ball pits my kids have played in - never again I can tell you.



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          that is terrible, jessica will defo not be going in one again
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            Thats disgusting, i havent got any kids thank god!
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              There is one directly opposite where i work, in 4 years i've only ever known it to be shut for cleaning once..
              hence we call it the 'germ pit'


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                Both storys are false i would post the link to it saying about it but i cant get it to work. Even so it still makes you think anout letting your kids in ball pits dont think i will be taking grandson to one again

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                  Just trying again to see if link works

                  Urban Legends Reference Pages: Heroin Needle in the Ballpit

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                    Thanks for the link snowangel. Maybe the world isn't quite as frightening as these stories make it seem.

                    Still, I know I'll think about it everytime I see a ball pit!

                    One thing puzzles me though .. how can a child come out of one of those things minus a nappy and nobody checks?
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                      Originally posted by JBJB View Post

                      One thing puzzles me though .. how can a child come out of one of those things minus a nappy and nobody checks?
                      Watching some of the parents who frequent the play gym thing near us I would believe anything!!

                      Saying that though I know that the people who run the one near us close every Monday so that they can thoroughly clean everything there including the ball pool. In fact when we were there one week twice they closed the ball pool because someone had weed in it. It wasn't Anya thank goodness - she only does it on the bouncy castle
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