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Who's up for a Christmas Party?

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  • Who's up for a Christmas Party?

    Friday night? (21st)
    I will man the bar and supply the nibbles. But let me know rough numbers so I know whether to book a bouncer

    ** Music throughout the night via You tube (Link your favourite tunes, but all must be Christmassy & festive) **

    Bar opens at 8pm (~ But if your not around I can leave a drink out for you to have after )


    Does anyone fancy putting together a festive little quiz?? Or we could play a few rounds of Christmassy hangman?? Any suggestions welcome

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    Sounds like fun, but I'll be at my work do.

    Hope you have fun!

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      Great idea Sam but I have my works doo too - I will try and pop in at some point and see how the partys rockin!!!



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        Would have loved it but will be in Birmingham at my daughters house getting ready for our family christmas on the 22nd!! May try and pop in later on in the evening just before we go to bed!!

        Is there not another night that can picked, say between christmas and new year?

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          Looks like it's just me on the dance floor Friday!! I've even been out and brought a new outfit

          The party will start Friday at 8..... But it can continue over the festive period.

          I've been thinking of some great tunes and games
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            Its's a great idea. Why don't we have a rolling party. whenever you can escape pop in and party!!!!!!!!
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              I'm up for it !!!!! Any excuse for a wee party

              Cheers Janice


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                would love to but i have my mum coming down so cant really sit on my laptop
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                  I'll join in but I only have limited access, but will be there!!

                  I'll have either Pernod (oh yes!), Archers and lemonade or Taboo and lemonade. Such an 80's girl me!!


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                    I'm sure I'll be around at some point in the evening. I had a flu jab yesterday though and since then I just want to sleep. Maybe a few glasses of vino and some Band Aid, George Michael and Duran Duran in the background will keep me going.

                    Sounds great

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                      Originally posted by Tip Top View Post
                      I'll have either Pernod
                      Eugh - Pernod reminds me of a very, very bad party I went to in the 80's where I ended up holding a friend's hair back while she hurled up all the Pernod she had been drinking.

                      Needless to say, I can't stand the smell of aniseed now!

                      Mine's a bacardi and diet-coke in a tall glass with no ice or lemon please. The colder the better!
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                        okay. if I manage to make it, mines a black russian please!! dont' forget the cherry!!

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                          Right, couple of pints of bitter for me before I go onto the gin and slimline - with a slice of lemon, never lime..... or even better, a hendricks with cucumber.... mmmmm

                          I am already on the dancefloor by the way, where is everyone?(closest to dancing there was)

                          tee hee


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                            Peter won't be coming. His computer is still dead. I think he's feeling a little peed off! So we'll have to remember to save him some nibbles etc.
                            What music do ya recon he'd like?
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                              Music for u :



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