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    Hi guys!
    I've been a bit quiet of Xmas what with work and shop stuff but I am back and on top blogging form again!
    I've just started a new feature on my blog called
    'I ♥ Handmade'

    It's basically a weekly feature where I inteview a crafter and showcase some of their work :-)
    The first post went up today
    (If you'd be interested in being featured there are details at the end of the post)
    I'm hoping this will become a really popular feature and develope into a great way for people to promote their work to a wider audience, let me know what you think of it!

    Charlotte xxxx

    P.S I'm now off to trawl through all of the posts I've missed out on over the past few weeks! lol
    "If it's got 'Musha' in front of it, you can guarantee I'm behind it!"

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