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Tantalising Tuesday.

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  • Tantalising Tuesday.

    I can't believe we are already 1 week into the new year! I hope it is going weel for everyone so far. So far today I have been super busy, I changed 3 lightbulbs (my life is so exciting) and I've managed some knitting. I'm also playing nurse which interferes with doing some of the things I'd like to do (like more knitting). Looks like my patient is slowly on the mend, though still requires plenty of cuddles.

    Does everyone else have busy days planned?
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    'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen

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    Come on I want full details of the lightbulb changing

    4th day back at work today for hubby and he's already phoned in sick! Personally I think he's just completely knackered as since I sprained my ankle he's had to get up before 7am to carry little man downstairs for me and he doesn't do early mornings. A week of this and his body gives up whereas someone has had 6 months of it without a day off

    Anyway apart from caring for the poor man flu victim we've got baby weighing clinic today, more purees to make and thank you cards to write plus the obligatory trip to the post office. I challenge you for most exciting day
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      I've so far watched 6 episodes of peppa pig and about 10 episodes of dinosaur king. We are about to play Pig Goes Pop. I have more lightbulbs that need changing but I have run out of spares. I had 1 bulb out in the lounge and 2 in the kitchen. They are stupid spotlight bulbs. I have also done about 3 loads of laundry already. And 2 loads have gone through the tumble dryer. And now for Grampy Rabbit Dinosaur Park to watch while playing pig goes pop. I am not sure what I will be able to get up to later. Very dependant on the patient. I'm on alert for cleaning up sick and springing into action.
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      'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen


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        I had planned to go over to my eldest son's new flat to do more wall painting - the lounge and bathroom are a dark mushroom colour and the second bedroom has alternate walls of blue and yellow, both strong colours. I have painted them all twice with white but it will take another one or two coats to stop the base showing through.
        Then my youngest son's car has gone wrong so I got commandeered into a 30mile round trip to pick up a part. It turned out to be a 76p copper washer !!!
        DH has finished work early, so is on his way home. So that is my day snookered unless he decides to help out with the painting.
        I think I will put some washing on while I wait for him.



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          Early shift for hubby this week which means early shift for me! Up at 5.20 a.m to walk the dogs, come back and get changed and ready for work. Drop dogs off at in laws then drive to work for 8.00 a.m. Run round like a silly bugger all day, drive home, tidy up a bit, have something to eat, walk the dogs, do a bit of crafting (if I'm lucky), make tomorrow's lunch, in bed by 10-10.30p.m, to do it all again tomorrow! I'm lucky enough not to work Fridays so that's my day for catching up with things....


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            My daughter was back at school this morning and my son back at nursery this afternoon so I had a small slice of peace and quiet for a while

            I've redone all of my website/shop/blog banners in Pixlr this morning (I was bored with the old one and thought it apt to change them in the New Year) and then this afternoon wrote a blog post and tweaked my website. The children have now gone to their dad's for the evening (I *forgot* to tell him that I didn't have dance practice tonight ) so I now have the evening to myself. I'm not sure what I shall do yet but there could be some sewing involved. Once I've washed up. And put toys away. And had a cup of tea.
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