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Is anyone else a Crafty Hoarder?

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  • Is anyone else a Crafty Hoarder?

    Just wondering is anyone else like myself.I have a little stash of bits that I have had from many moons ago.
    My other half says I am a hoarder,but how do you really define a hoarder?

    I have just come across my very first papercrafting magazine from 2004 even still has its freebies attached to the front.My 14 year old son says it is vintage ,my reply was that vintage was slightly older than 8 years.If you would like to have a nose at it ,it is in my blog on the the link below.

    Love to hear from any other so called hoarders.

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    I'm dreadful and still have some embellishments I bought when I first started card making (about 12 years ago) which were too nice to use I've had to sort out my craft room to turn it into a nursery and had plenty of magazines like you describe, I listed some on ebay before Christmas and although some only sold for 99p others went for more than face value! I've got more that I need to list and it's strangely cathartic to finally get some space back

    Have to say most of my actual craft stuff is going in the loft never know when I'll need something
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      I think you will be hard pushed to find crafter who is not a hoarder. I have quite a number of stashes related to the various crafts in which I have/am dabbling. Added to which I was brought up to recycle as much as possible and still save and acquire anything which might "have a use one day".



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        I hope nobody actually defines hoarding ...I fear I may in big trouble
        I will admit I I have lots of impulse buys...those ooh look pretty things I simply had to buy but never ever found a use for...and they are alongside the everyday items that I once rescued because I can use/have plans for that... even though those plans are long forgotten

        In November I had a mini purge and got rid of craft mags dating back five years or more, along with a ton of household items waiting to be 'altered'.... I stopped my subscription to mags because I never found time to read them anyway and they were taking up valuable space. Now I buy them when they interest me.

        I have set aside January as stock taking month...I plan to organise all my craft stuff, sell or donate unwanted kit and reorganise the workspace and storage area. I must admit I am not looking forward to it one bit, but its gotta be done.


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          I had a clear out of stuff I've been hoarding (from 2004 - I know that, as there was invitations I'd crafted for a wedding) from my craft room. I found all sorts!

          I've kept all my old Cross Stitch magazines though.


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            I still have some Fimo from circa 1993!
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              I have sewing, cross stitch, embroidery and flower arranging books and mags that I've had for the pass 20plus years but I still refer to them so they are just part of vast library or resources.

              I also have boxes of yarns, fabrics, reels of cotton, embroidery threads, boxes of beads, buttons, sequines, sewing tools, knitting and crochet tools, candlemaking equipement, fabric paints, glass paints as well as all the flowering arranging equipment.

              All my car tools and extra car parts, and all the car club stand equipement including a 9 by 3metre marque.

              So it's no wonder my loft and garage are stuffed to the gills :lol:
              So many projects, so little time




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                My OH said the amount of stuff I have makes him feel SICK.


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                  My name is Karen and I am a crafty hoarder

                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                    Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
                    My name is Karen and I am a crafty hoarder

                    I could get used to that... "Creative Clutter"

                    I like to think of it as my 'inspiration station' We went to B and Q a couple of days ago and bought 3 large 4-plastic drawer units (good value at £14.99, plus they stack!!) and can now safely say that my stamp collection, sewing (and sowing) paraphernalia, jewellery stuff, general craft stuff, card-making jazz, painting pfaff etc etc are all safely organised and tucked away where I can easily get to them! Yey!
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                      I do have a craft stash. It's a stash not a hoard. I'm sure there must be a difference, and it'll all come in handy one day, even if it's not for 10 years or more! I finally used some Christmas fabric last year that I'd had lurking for 20 years!!!
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