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  • What do you love about the forum

    It's always great to hear what you love about this forum, so please share you thoughts so that we can continue to make the forum, the place you love to come.
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    I love this forum because I know I can get excellent advice from its members....but also it's somewhere to come and read about the funnier things in the crafting world and puts a smile on my face xx
    Sarah x

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      Because even though I am a non making crafter for the most part, no-one here has ever passed comment on my enormous capacity for procrastination.

      Everyone is friendly and helpful and the forum is so obviously well kept - just for those of us who want to chat about crafting. Having had snoop in other places this is the one I return to for relaxation and information.
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        Rules and regs but not to the point of being over bearing. Easy to use and navigate. Friendly banter and advice. Love it just the way it is, hope you are not thinking of changing as a case of 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'


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          I love that whatever random question I have, whether it's crafts related (draught excluders) or nothing to do with it (freezing baked potatoes) I'll always get great answers from members on here. There is such a wealth of knowledge
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            I love that it keeps me company any time of day or night and it not too complicated for a relative pooter novice like I am.
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              I love this forum because the replies are always helpful and knowledgable, it's really friendly and great company...and I have enjoyed the Halloween and Christmas stories too!

              Also, I just made a post to say how much I appreciate the work the moderators do. The other forum I love is getting ruined by spammers and no one is removing these posts so it's great to be free of them here!
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                I have to agree with Carol!!

                >>I love that it keeps me company any time of day or night and it not too complicated for a relative pooter novice like I am.


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                  I love being able to post pics of my projects and being able to ask random stuff or answer random stuff.
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                    This is a great forum - loads of interesting people and crafts are covered. The forum is well moderated without being over-moderated. And people don't generally get all offended at the drop of a hat like some places do - in other words, people are here to genuinely talk craft and not just create a drama to react to.

                    Nice work all!
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                      I like that even with occasional banter it remains craft focussed, that it is well run and sensibly structured/organised, but the 'thing' that makes it so brill is the members who are friendly and helpful and willing to share ...whether that is specific knowledge, resource information or general experiences...and that on the whole everyone is supportive, encouraging and generally kind - from what I have seen crits (where sought) are always constructive.


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                        Lots of friendly people always willing to give advice and generally have a natter, be it craft related or not. You can disappear for a while if you're too busy to post much and always welcomed back. It's like a big friendly extended family.

                        The thing I like most? Everyone is accepted, be it learners or the more experienced, no one is judged and unlike other forums I've belonged to in the past, it isn't cliquey and you never feel like you're intruding.


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                          I can find a lot of information on this forum, get help, and see that others have the same issues or doubts I sometimes have - it is comfort in the times of frustration.


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                            Totally agree with what everyone has said so far plus you all endulge us we are in a silly mood..........did you hear that Rita and Bry, they endulge us when you are in a silly mood LOL

                            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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                              Well one thing, you notice immediatelly, is that there are actually people here !!! Might sounds obvious, but other forums seems to have posts unanswered, old posts and not a lot of people replying with useful information.

                              I discovered this forum only at the beginning 2012 (I have been crafting all my life, but never was much into computers until this year..) and it quickly replaced my 100 emails a day habbit (that I didn't know I had !) from my previous job...

                              There is always useful information here and people are genuinly happy to share their experiences. I love reading the posts (even if I don't have anything to reply with) and over the year I actually met some of the members on here (which makes it even more like a proper crafting community).

                              And of course I agree with what others have said in previous posts...
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