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Good Friday morning!

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  • Good Friday morning!

    Well, not long to Christmas now and not a sign of a zombie apocolypse in sight. Only one more day I have to be in work after today. I'm almost organised, just one last thing I decided to buy rather late, and then I'm done! Weather is remarkably unChristmassy, very mild out. I hope none of you are getting stuck in floods.
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    Good morning Looks like it might be dry today, we went to visit my parents yesterday, the roads were awful so we didn't stay too long as I didn't fancy getting stuck in floods with a baby.

    I have a day of wrapping presents ahead of me, started at the weekend but gave up - the lovely gold embossed wrapping paper I bought just would not stay stuck Tried normal selotape, my thick parcel tape and even double-sided tape (which I was convinced would work as I used to use it on glitter paper - but nope). Now armed with new wrapping paper and with the last of the gifts due in the post today I'm prepared to wrap like my life depends on it
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      Good morning everyone. I think I am all organised for christmas and that I don't need to leave the house until after Christmas but that could all change if my food delivery on Sunday doesn't come or have everything I need available. Thank fully my back is feeling much better now but I still don't fancy the madness of the supermarket on Christmas eve. I hope everyone manages to find some time for crafting over the festive period whatever you might have planned.


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        We are hitting the supermarket at 7.00am tomorrow in the hop of missing the madness.

        Today it looks like I'm going to be tidying up again an trying to find a huge stash of lost props.
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          Don't talk to me about supermarkets. My son works full time for one of the majors and on Boxing Day he is doing a 9.30am to 5.30pm shift. With all the chaos and spending that will take place over the next 4 days who on earth will need to go to a supermarket on Boxing Day???? Spare a thought for all those Christmases spoilt by the populations need to shop! Christmas this year for us is Christmas Day and thats it.


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            Good morning!! Brrrrr, it's cold and frosty, and the sky was the reddest I have ever seen! It was beautiful.

            Today - wrapping prezzies, a tiny bit of shopping, a birthday party for my SIL, and a trip to the grocery store.