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Saturday and the crack of Dawn

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  • Saturday and the crack of Dawn

    Good Morning All

    Been up since 4.30, wide awake so thought would get up and freeze instead of trying to lie still.

    Have some how managed to lose a week, thought another 2+ weeks to go not 1+, so now running round like a headless chicken trying to catch up. Not sure where the week went to but think those pesky elves stole it in the night, oh well onwards and upwards.

    If at an event hope you do well if not take time to sit with your feet up and a delicious irish coffee.

    PS Just seen the headlines about the shooting at the school in Connecticut, what is wrong with these people. It is reported that he was Autistic but more to the point why have this sort of arsenal in a residential home, perhaps the gun laws need to change in the US now, shame it had to happen with children age 5 - 10 I feel so sorry for their parents and cannot believe this could not have been avoided.
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    Good morning - I am sitting in bed in my hotel room eating choccie muffins and drinking orange juice - then off for day 1 of a 2 day fair.

    Terrible about the shootings, the poor families involved - my heart goes out to them.

    Whilst the American have such a cavalier attitude to guns I am afraid we will hear even more tragic events.

    Our gun laws may not be perfect and have let us down occasionally but at least we know that on the whole not any Tom, Richard or Harry can get hold of them?

    Have a great Saturday
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      Good morning.
      I have a little mum taxi to do today and some logistical juggling, but I plan to have a christmas themed day making up decorations and tidying up etc.
      I have started my day with a lovely dose of Mr smooth himself, Michael Buble serenading me with his velvet voice.
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        Good morning. I'm trying to finish a baby hat I started last night. Shouldn't be too difficult. Then I'm going to relax! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so don't want to overdo things today!
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