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  • Walking Wounded

    Well that's what I feel like this morning! Last night the bulb went in our hall so off I went to change it. It is one of those screw in ones so unscrewed it but didn't notice that the bulb had totally shorn away from the metal screw bit and I have cut glass in my hand. Well I did when I got into the kitchen my right hand is totally laserated my thumb is the worst and it is still bleeding believe it or not.

    Well the brave soldier that I am I soldiered on and got on with orders. Well you have no idea how sore it is when you stick a wick pin right through your finger - when I say right through I mean right through in one side and out the other - had to pull the pin back out - so that is both my left and right hands all plastered up. What in gods name am I going to end up doing next - what a couple of weeks I have had with bad luck!!



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    Ouch Lisa...the lightbulb sounds bad but the wire *shudders* has made me go quite queesy just thinking about that!

    Sending hugs and instructions to take it easy before you injure yourself some more
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      Yuk !!!!! You made my tummy lurch. . You would be doing five jobs at the one time.

      Hugs coming your way and a big change in you luck is long overdue.

      Cheers Janice.


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        The nurse in me says "is your tetanus up to date?"
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