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  • Black Friday

    The day after Thanksgiving in the US is known as Black Friday and it's traditionally when people start their Christmas shopping. Malls are set to be heaving over there and lots of sellers on Etsy are anticipating a huge day. Another thing to be aware of is that Cyber Monday is coming up too (this Monday) It's when people go back to work after having time of for Thanksgiving and they sit and work and surf the internet for pressies to buy that they couldn't get at the mall! Just thought I'd give you a heads up if you want to tweak your shop - I'm drip feeding my etsy shop today and probably will do over the weekend!
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    OOh I better get making and open my shop again
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      Can l just ask do alot of people sell through their etsy shops?

      l sort of looked in but havent signed up at all
      Wendy xx


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        The internet was dead yesterday and will be dead today...

        Etsy will be slow until monday as everyone is out shopping in the "rule" world..

        For example little old me made half the normal amount for any US sites as now are about "thanks giving"

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          I remember Black Friday very well!! hubby had to go into work at 5am and there were already Q's all around mall.........daft I thought!

          It's exactly the same on Boxing day (they dont have one over there) as its the day that they all return the unwanted xmas pressies! blooming cheek I think!

          Mind you, have to say that you really can not beat the old sales over there!

          Little story here! I got a leather jacket for Wyatt's xmas pressie and it was in the pre-xmas sales, was knocked down from $280 to $140 , plus I had a $10 voucher from the paper, so it cost me $130!

          In March the zip broke so I took it back to the store where they told me they had none left and gave me back a full refund! I did ask if they had any in stores elsewhere and they said they would look.

          Anyway the week after the Manager from the New York store (we were in PA) rang to say he was sending down a jacket to PA for us.

          When we went to pick up and pay for the jacket, they told us it was only $40 as they had further reduced it in the sale!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, was a great bargain!..Only trouble now is that its got too big for Wyatt........LOL....but you really can't beat the bargains out there!!

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            My job takes me to the States a lot and your right Pauline the shopping is amazing and the sales! I ended up being in Newark for christmas last year, so we hit the mall boxing day, it was really busy (didnt realise they dont have a boxing day) and the bargains to have! I end up spending all my allowances when I'm out there!

            Thanks for the heads up though Swirly, saw a couple of things on Etsy that said Black Friday, and had no idea what it meant!
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