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Who has cats/dogs and what breed?

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  • Who has cats/dogs and what breed?

    Just cos I'm bored and want to, would be fun to see if cats outnumber dogs?


    oh, and what are their names?
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    I havent got any at the mo but I used to have a boxer called cally, she was the best dog ever!
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      I have a cat and a dog

      I have a tabby cat called Gertie and a springer spaniel called William

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        9.5 Cats

        I say 9.5 because one of cats has decided to adopt the people next door but one. So she's only here half the time....

        Ours are just moggies......R.D., HunnyBunny, The Harrycat, Cleo, Boo, Mouse, Desmond, TillyToots & Charles. The half a cat is Cifa ( C for cat)

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          I'm not a dog person at all (I was bitten by on when I was younger) but I love cats. We can't have any though as I am allergic to them - boo
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            I'm in both camp's. I have a dog called Libby she's a lurcher I rescued when I worked with the Scottish S.P.C.A she came out of a skip !!!

            The cat's called Jade a rescue as well.

            Also have two MAD ferret's called Rosie & Sally (both rescues)

            Cheers Janice.


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              Dogs scare me silly!!

              used to have a ginger cat called ........ Ginger!

              Now I have downsized to bunnies!!
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                I really really want a puppy, a dachund, I would call him Sausages

                My boyfriend says this is a really silly name for a sausage dog

                What do you think?


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                  I have a dog and a cat. the dog is a beagle cross called Bob and the cat is ginger and white and called Ollie. I also have eight guinea pigs (more expected soon!) 1 rabbit (it was 2 but Button died this week) a ferret, a rat and five chickens! Better not give you all their names take up too much room and you may fall asleep!!


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                    I've got a cat, he's mostly which with big black spots on his back, a black tail and a black goatie!

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                      Originally posted by Rodeo Lady View Post
                      I'm in both camp's. I have a dog called Libby she's a lurcher I rescued when I worked with the Scottish S.P.C.A she came out of a skip !!!

                      The cat's called Jade a rescue as well.
                      Ooh Janice can you post a piccie of Libby for my hubby? His family had lurchers when he was growing up and he'd love nothing more than to have one now but our house is far too small. I've warmed to the idea of getting a dog cos of all the stories he's told me about Blue and Leo.
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                        Read your P.M

                        Cheers Janice.

                        P.s Will post a picture if I ever work out how too. Have tried for two weeks to show off my Christmas horseshoes and it's too late I have sold them

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                          I have both,

                          Our cat is about 15years old now, he's grey and white and we call him Grubby as when he was little he would crawl up the chimney breast and come down.... Grubby!!!!

                          Our Doggie is a Black Lab called Baxter he's 8yrs now and he's fab. He comes everywhere with us, even when we go away on our Military exhibits, he gets sooooo excited when we start putting stuff in the lorry!!!
                          He's extremley well behaved as hubbie put a lot of time into training him when he was a pup.

                          Baxter and Grubby sleep together in a big bed inside, or in the Kennel in the garden sometimes if they are in the garden during the day!!


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                            Ive got both, golden retreiver and a white cat
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                              This household is ruled by 3 and a bit (big bit) cats:

                              Tiggy is a short legged, big fat bellied tabby tortoiseshell with the prettiest face and the most awful squawk of a miaow! She was rescued and we got her and her half brother (Tucker) from Cat Protection. Sadly Tucker got run over a couple of years ago.

                              Gracie came from Cat Protection to replace Tucker. She and her housemate (they didn't get on) were rehomed because they had been in an army household. The barracks were being closed down and the family moving to Germany. She has only three legs and we understand she lost one in a road traffic accident - we think this was before she was with the army family.

                              Millie is a lovely little grey tabby with a cute face. She was found as a kitten wandering in a local village and taken in by a couple. Unfortunately the husband turned out to be allergic to cats so she was rehomed with my brother. Then my brother got a job on the other side of the country so was away from home during the week. Guess who inherited the cat?

                              Then there's George! George is the most gorgeous sleek tabby tom cat stray who has decided that Chez Craftdancer is a great hotel, but keeps going and checking out other places just to make sure. When George first appeared earlier this year he looked like something out of Belsen - you could count his ribs and his pelvis was so prominent it was incredible. He used to sneak in and eat our cats' food during the day. So we gave in and wormed him and fed him; now he looks a bit more like a cat. He's very friendly and has a wonderful purr.

                              Life in the house can get a bit hectic - especially at feeding time.

                              Cats seem to know who is a soft touch round here, 'cos we get visits from loads of neighbourhood cats.

                              I like dogs too, but we won't have one while we are both out at work 'cos it wouldn't be fair on it.