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card website/plus domain going cheap!

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  • card website/plus domain going cheap!

    Admin ... Not sure if I can post this? just delete if not!

    I have permission from admin at mumszone to add these links & details.

    A web designer on there has a website and domain name which she designed and no longer wants to use.

    Here are the details...

    Designed by me for personal use but due to my rubbish crafting skills, I no longer have use of it. The store runs on a modified version of OScommerce shopping cart.

    I will throw in a year of hosting on my server, after which the website has to be moved or pay my basic annual hosting fee.

    There is a reserve price as I am not going to give it away (especially as hosting IS included) but I will consider closing the auction if I have a good private offer.

    Always happy to answer questions and help to get the website live with your own details and products but I will not touch/support the website after it has gone live. The design is sold 'AS IS' and I won't be making any changes to it or the style.

    Any questions, please reply here or PM me.

    ... Reserve is not met yet, but current bid is £4.22 !?

    If your a member of Mumszone you can sign in a link here...

    PM me if you want contact details for the designer.

    Sounds to good to miss if your a card crafter and want a website! (and like the name obviously!!) - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories

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    It's up to £75 now.
    It's never too late to gyrate!


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      Current bid is still £75 and offer ends tomorrow if anyone fancies it PM me asap - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories