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Your a SAD lot of crafters..

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  • Your a SAD lot of crafters..

    The amount of posts about bad luck and grrrrr'ing seems that a load of you are suffering with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

    Its one of the be times of year for me in regards to making some money but the thought of my tax bill in Jan hurts along with the seasonal change..

    What do you reckon ? you lot suffering "SAD" or something else ?

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    Think your wright !!! The posts changed when the clocks did !!

    Anyway your observation skills are second to none.

    Cheers and salutations from a Happy ? crafter.



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      Hmm, cant say I agree as many a time Ive wanted to use many an * throughout the year but have kept it to myself.Maybe thats the problem, I store things up then it all comes out in one go.

      I do have a SAD light bulb at home(for photography)maybe il give that a go and see if it effects me.

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        Could be - but I think the craft fairs have been pretty abismal (if that's how you spell the word) this year so we all put our hopes into the Christmas ones but they are turning out just as bad!! So come the end of the year we are a teeny tiny bitty fed up.

        From a very fed up but still going to do the craft fair tonight Lisa.

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          Just spent £45.01 on goodies il let you know if it cheers me up.

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            I agree with lisa, it's been a really tough year out at craft shows. Everyone is holding their breath waiting for the Christmas sales to kick in and then we'll all be happy again!!
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              OOhh, good luck Lisa for tonight!

              I think its a combination of a lot of things Mr M.

              And don't think you'll ever understand us - we make it very difficult for you to even try!!

              My nothappiness is down to the fact that I am totally bombed out at work with massive massive deadlines which get brought forward and NO-ONE tells me. And the fact that another craft fair is looming (early Dec) and I've got a lot of orders on so not enough time to do everythign!!


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                I'm just a natural misanthrope.


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                  I'm not sadIn fact life is goodShould i hand in my notice to the forum???


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                    Originally posted by icecreamgirl View Post
                    I'm not sadIn fact life is goodShould i hand in my notice to the forum???
                    No, just use more smileys.


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