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It's Halloween so...

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  • It's Halloween so...

    What's everyone up to today??

    I love Halloween and always take time out to do something special, I'm giving myself the afternoon off and then later on i'll be cooking a gorgeous dinner.

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    At work all day, then off to my weight watchers class then home to go trick or treating (guising I prefer!!) with the kids. I carved a lovely pumpkin and I will take a picture of it to add to incywincy's collection.



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      I don't really do anything for Halloween but the kids will be going out trick or treating later. DD2 is having a party in nursery so i kitted her out with a little outfit to wear. Also have a pumpkin that still needs scooping and carving, but it will all have to wait as i'm having some crafty ME time
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        The boys went to nursery all dressed up! Jacob is 2 and has now inherited Samuel's devil costume that I made 2 years ago. He's wearing is red jim jams and red socks so looks a right red devil!

        Samuel is 4 and has gone as a cross between Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll.

        taken a few pics of them this morning but as its on film I'll have to get it developed once its all finished!!


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          Were going to a Halloween party at a friends house, but I haven't told dd yet as she will get over excited!

          We have just made a 'Vampire Jelly' (blackberry jelly with tooth sweets) and 'Crunchy Bat Wings' (chicken wings coated in crushed cheese & onion crisps) YUCK!

          I found some glow in the dark glass beads in the bead shop yesterday, so Em has just made me a fab necklace. And Em is wearing her new witches outfit, which she calls her 'fairy' outfit!!

          ... Plus it's daddys/dh's birthday so we get to have a mini birthday celebration with cake and presents before the halloween party at 5
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            I'm off to the local fort to a 'fright night' over 18's so it could be spooky!!
            Never been to anything like that before, they are doing ghost walks around the fort and they are having my friend who is a medium doing readings, i think there will be lots of things going on so i'm really looking forward to it!!
            I'm going with Sis and Mum and we are dressing as 3 witches.. just bought some cool little bat earrings from the dreaded claires accessories!!
            Haha i cant wait, feel like a big kid!!


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              Looks like it's only me dancing naked in the woods then.


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                Originally posted by Beadsage View Post
                Looks like it's only me dancing naked in the woods then.
                You should've told me and I would have been over - sounds like my kind of thing!
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                  Well, I picked the boys up from nursery and they had painted Jacobs face (he went as a devil in a home made costume) and he looked totally fab! Gittered too!! Took some pics so will have to post them on here once I've had the film developed!

                  Samuel didn't get painted cos he had a nasty reaction last year - he ended up looking like the elephant man