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  • Shopping for food online

    Does anyone do it? I'm thinking it might save me a bit of time and money as I won't be able to compulsively buy stuff that will get thrown out when we don't use it or get stuffed into my very overloaded freezer.
    Two things concern me - the sell by dates and carrier bags. Are the sell by dates decent on the stuff they pick for you? And can you get your shopping from them without using carrier bags? I use my own bags when we go you see.
    I'm thinking of using Asda because I don't like Tesco and they don't stock some of the stuff we use anyway. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    I have used Asda a couple of times but I did find a few problems. Your shopping is packed at a central warehouse and brought in a child van so I think you don't have an option but to have it delivered in bags.

    What I found was the fruit and veg wasn't the best it was okay but not what I would have chosen to pick up in the shop.

    Also you order and pay for your things and think that they will all arrive. Unfortunately every time I have placed an order there have been quite a few things out of stock so you either get a replacement or they don't send it at all and your credit card gets credited for them. It has always been that the thing I need the most is the thing that I don't get and it really annoys me.

    The sell buy dates I have to admit haven't been the longest I have seen but on the same hand I have never had anything right on the sell buy date or so close you wont at least get a day or two out of it.

    I will only really really do online shopping when I really need too - I hate food shopping but I prefer to go to the shop.

    Hope that helps.



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      I use Tesco.. not a lot probably about once a month for heavy bulky stuff like dog food, freezer stuff and cleaning/household stuff.
      I've never had a problem, you can tick the box that you don't want a substitute, and also they ask at the checkout wether you want it with/without carrier bags.
      i've never had something not turn up but i have had extra tihings put in by mistake.. which they havent charged me for.. boring though stuff like bleach, couldn't have been a bottle of wine ( but that probably means someone didnt get their bleach delivered.)

      The only thing i had to get my head around was buying fruit, I usually buy just looking, not by weight and that caused a few laughs...
      All in all i think it's well worth doing for bulky stuff I still buy every day food locally but it does mean i can go out on my bike to get it rather than always using the car..

      You also get different rates of delivery charges depending on the day you want it delivered.. the cheapest day is Tues i think.. and the deliverys have always been in the two hour slot i've booked.


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        I shop online with Tescos sometimes, actually I’m going to order this week as I got an email voucher for £10 off orders over £50. I don’t use the service very often so every now and again they send me a voucher to ‘tempt’ me back so tend to only shop then.

        Don’t have an Asda near us so don’t know about them I usually add a note to any of the refrigerated bits I buy asking for the longest use by date but they do now state that you will get the freshest stuff automatically. The out of stock items and substitutions are a pain but you can choose whether to accept the sub, most annoying is when you get a BOGOF and they only have one in stock – you don’t get your free one. They also sometimes take the pee with the weighed price of fruit etc so I always check the weight myself once they’ve gone as I’ve been diddled out of a couple of quid a few times. If there are any problems with your bill you phone them and they refund back to your card straight away.

        Like ICG says it’s really handy for the heavy/bulky items but I always end up spending more than when I go into the shop as I’m a sucker for the special offers and they are all in one place online not dotted around the shop.
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          I hate going to the shops food shopping so we use online shopping every week. We use Tesco but we have used Asda in the past. With Tesco you can opt not to have bags, we do that.
          We haven't had any terrible problems really, and the great thing is if something is broken, not right etc you just ring and they give you your money back no questions asked. Can't say that happens when I break eggs on the way home from the shops myself!!
          It's just my opinion but it's been one of the best things we have done, cuts down the arguments over the weekend!!
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            Try which does a price comparison between Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Ocado for your whole shop.

            I'm guessing Ocado might be the most expensive, though...
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