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  • Emigrating!

    Haven't posted on here in ages and don't know if anyone even remembers me

    But it's been a hectic few months with one thing and another and we're currently awaiting our visas to emigrate to New Zealand!!! I've been checking out lots of craft sites and markets in and around Auckland and hopefully I'll be able to get going again over there once we settle. Who knows if I'll be able to buy the supplies I'm used to over there but if not, I'll just have to adapt and work around that. Looking forward to it!!!

    Don't suppose there are any Kiwis on here???

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    not a Kiwi, i know a few though haha
    We are going through a similar thing, but to Canada, just trying to get the finances sorted before the application.
    Where abouts in NZ are you going to?
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      We're off to Auckland so, although it's the most populated and probably most expensive area, there should be more chance of getting supplies there Where in Canada are you going to?


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        How exciting for both of you. I do hope you keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.
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          cant get rid of me that easy Critchley hahahaha

          Not sure yet as we have family in a couple of provinces, but looking at Alberta and Ontario at the moment.

          I have friends in Wellington and aukland, they say they should of done it years ago!

          Good luck, i am sure there will be crafting places there, if not there is always the internet ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
          I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!


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            Crafts are big in NZ and you shouldn't have any probs linking in with suppliers and craft groups...we met some lovely people when we were there and everyone was really friendly and happy to share information etc.
            I have family in NZ and the only downside to the place is that is just too far away....

            I wish you luck and happiness


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              How exciting! Good luck with the Canada application and have a great time in New Zealand both of you!
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                How exciting for you both, good luck x
                Lisa x
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                  Now that is a great way to start a New Year!!

                  Good luck to both of you and please remember to keep coming back to to forum to make us all jealous with tales of your new lives! Hope the moves/applications go really smoothly.
                  Ali x

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