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  • Shop Small Saturday!

    I did not hear about this last year - but I am really glad it is happening again this year!!

    Shop small businesses and HAND-CRAFTERS!!! Yeah!!!!

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    Great idea, I have lost count of the small business's that have closed in my area. Anything that raises awareness is a good thing.



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      Sounds like a really good campaign!


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        i agree, Midhurst has become a dying town, everyone cant afford the rates etc for the shops so the close, i have just found out that we are now about to lose the greengrocers....its been there for 25+ years its a sad state of affairs....think the shop in small shops campaign is a brilliant idea!
        I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!


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          I went out alone for the first time in two months today!!! Drove and everything! It was weird. I was almost afraid to drive, but it comes right back to you, like riding a bike.

          I got a present for my husband - a magnetic business sign for the driver's door of his truck.

          I shopped small, even though Saturday is over - for the sign, and for a few toys for my grandkids.

          This is what's so great about shopping in small local stores - they know you! And they do everything you need done! The sign shop already has my husband's "artwork" on file since they made our banners, and the toy shop has the neatest stuff and the dearest people run it - they wrap everything for free! And do a fab job!!

          I found the greatest, and dirt cheap (on sale), sparkly stickers, too - kind of thick - almost sort of a slightly padded effect - for the center of some of my Christmas iris folding cards - the stickers are Christmas light bulbs - perfect! It would be one light per card, in the center of each design. You have to go with what you find, eh? They'll look great!

          Yay for successful and FUN small shop shopping!

          I can't wait to buy some things at market this weekend. There's one booth that makes extra large/tall casual shirts for men, so I am going to get one for my husband. And jewelry for each daughter. Several options for the grands...I am finally getting a little excited!


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            Hey Susan well done on getting out and about again, you have really been in the wars lately. Hope that's a sign that things have improved dramatically for you and you continue to recover fully and quickly.

            The decline of the town centre is a large issue over here as well, they were only talking about it on the news again this morning. Our little town of Devizes actually have a few nice independant shops which have sprung up in the last couple of years or so, a weekly outdoor market and monthly farmers market. Prior to that it was dying with a dozen shop premisies lying empty but things seem to have picked up a bit but its up to us, the locals, to make it work by supporting them.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.