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Silly season has begun - How was it for you?

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  • Silly season has begun - How was it for you?

    This weekend started the Christmas Craft Fair season - have you been out?

    How did you find it?

    We were at to 2 big events this weekend and found people were spending.

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    That sounds hopeful
    My next event is first weekend in December and I'm hoping that the purses will open
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      I have been at a biggie this weekend and had a much better day on Saturday than today when the buggy-brigade were out in force and made it pretty difficult to get around all the stalls (4 marquees full of 'em!)

      Not a bad weekend by any means but I wish today had brought in as much as yesterday - then I'd be on cloud 9!! Very fun (not!) experience of the most glorious weather outside and being dripped on by the condensation in the marquee - yep, raining indoors, sunshine outdoors!! Still, it beats the usual flooding problems they have there normally to go with the drippy ceiling as in previous years...
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        I've just had 4 days trading on the trot. Thursday was just OK, Friday was very good, Saturday was just OK, today was abysmal! Some other traders commented that "people don't have money to spend at the moment". My response to that is, they all had plenty of money for 5th November, to send up in smoke in the form of fireworks! In fact, fireworks are still being let off here and it's now getting very annoying. So people do have money to burn!

        Also, when I'm in town, I see people coming out of the big stores with bulging bags, so they are all happy to help fund the expensive new yachts for the rich owners of the big stores - not that I'm bitter or anything....


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          I did a fair in stockbroker land and came out smiling. I did a fair in OAP land and feel very sorry for everyone.

 I bitter? I'd say it was more cynical....... but have a guess at which fair I'm going to jump at repeating next year!


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            In financial terms I had a poor fair on Saturday and a much better fair yesterday. I have, however, almost got to the end of my fairs for this year (started 1 October), having only two more to do).



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              We had a MOST EXCELLENT market this weekend, both of us, and my husband is already out at the shed making some guitars for our last market of the year, in two weeks. He'll just be making cigar box guitars as they
              "work up faster" since he doesn't have to build the box. I will be at my granddaughter's school bazaar that Saturday...she is "carving" snowmen out of Ivory Soap bars, using a plastic knife. Also her mom is making some things. So we'll have a family table. My daughter says I won't have to do anything but sit there - bet that doesn't happen.

              Our first market next year is the weekend AFTER Valentine's Day....such a shame. SO. I am going to start on Easter motifs after Christmas. AND, we have a booth at a HUGE artisan market in the will only be the guitars. They won't let us share a booth, and it's REALLY expensive for one.


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                First Christmas thinggy tomorrow. going to an elderly peoples housing project with my jewellery and christmas stuff. Also adapting necklaces etc for elderly managable clasps etc.
                Still got my open house, a night time Christmas event in Howden with fair gournd, craft fair always been a good event.
                Also my open house event and a victorian christmas market to come.
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                  I've noticed a definite increase in sales over the past couple of weeks, I was in fear of being mobbed at a local pub shopping evening last week, at one point they were about 6 deep around my stall with 2 women arguing over who saw a bracelet first!!! I didn't expect much from a very small pub in a very small village on a Thursday evening, but I now have only 1 ring left, 4 bracelets (still plenty of necklaces thankfully) & virtually no business cards!! :-O

                  I've got 5 orders to get out this week, and another 6 for the week after next, plus a shopping evening this Friday, and Chrismtas fair on Sunday, and my own next Sunday.

                  I'd better make some more this week!!!

                  Glad to hear it's getting busy for others too

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                    This is sounding like excellent news all round. Well done everybody and I hope the sales keep coming.