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Why aren't all forums like this?

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  • Why aren't all forums like this?

    Hi everyone,
    You may or may not realise that I am a craft forum addict. I am a member of a few and I try to post on them all at least once a day.
    What surprises me is that so many of them seem to be 'run' by certain members who post all the topic..have a nice chat with another of the mafia group and completely ignore everyone else!!
    I have decided that I am going to give up on alot of them as they just waste my time.
    It's never been like that here..has anyone else experienced this type of thing on other forums?
    Anice xx
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    I have found some forums like that and they tend to get really bitchy as well when they are like that. Sometimes when I posted something I got the response "why are you posting this?" when it was probably more relevant than what some of the "mafia" were typing.

    I just quit those ones... any forums relating to crafts I'm on (just the 2 of them...) I've just found decent, honest and lovely folk!
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      I have found that some forums are like that. This is by far my biggest hang out. I like the diversity and the friendliness. Uk beaders is also friendly. I have joined several forums over the last couple of years but abandoned them when it becomes obvious that there are mafias around!
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        I'm also a forum addict and i do find that a couple of them are very clicky and although i try to join in it feels like my posts are ignored.

        There are only 2 (this is one) that i actually feel comfortable in.
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          Thanks for your responses..I was starting to think it was me! to all those nasty (and usually boring!) craft forums!!
          Anice xx
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            I think it's because it's run and moderated by lovely lovely people!!!

            Seriously though I think if anyone was rude to a member then they would probably get lots of responses from members on here telling them that they were out of order - it's the people that make the forum too! Ok I'll stop being all soppy now and be tough. Right where are those spammers

            I joined one other forum and the responses to questions were like - 'you don't know this?' like the person was being really, really stupid. I ask lots of daft questions so I knew that forum wasn't for me!
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              If you have ever done weight watchers and been on there community boards you will know what a bitchy forum is. They are horrible on there half of the time and they are all really cliquey (sp) too.
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                I have joined a few forums but this is the only one that I will ever post anything in now. The bitching just got too much.

                I found in a lot of the forums it wasn't so much a case of someone asking for help and someone giving them their experienced reply it was more a case of someone asking for help and everyone else trying belittle the person that replyed to post before them (does that make sense)?)- I can't be bothered with that. We all have different experiences and takes on things and I personally find it great if I get lots of different answers because I have lots of different options that I might not have thought of before. Not a case of " no you don't do that because I do this".

                Sorry off on one again.


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                  A forum is a community and only as good as it members..

                  Part off bad members and welcome the good...

                  I'm glad you guys like it here I try my best along with all the mods...

                  As always suggestions are always welcome to make this a better place..

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                    Right - yer all banned now.


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                      I only post on this forum (and the blog and craft juice). I did join another one but could not work out what I was doing - don't think it was complicated, I was just used to this layout and way of doing things - and it really got to me the poor grammar and generally naffness of it all. And some people only posted in text speak, and I'm sorry but I just don't get it!!!

                      Plus the other one was just full of card makers and I found them really pedestrian. I like (love) this forum because of the diversity and backgrounds - not everyone is working all day long or at home with the kids - its a good mix and a lot of this forum have their own businesses which puts a different perspective on things and are not just out to promote themselves but genuine advice and support is there all the time.

                      Rant done now!!


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                        Originally posted by Beadsage View Post
                        Right - yer all banned now.
                        , see its the sense of humour that helps as well!!

                        Have to admit that I also belong to a few forums, and it really has got the point where I've been typing and asked myself why!!! Why bother? The clickiness gets to me and unless your 'like them' or play follow the leader, you are never going to fit in with the 'crowd' !!

                        Can't be bothered with it myself and have come away from a couple of them.

                        Glad to say that I really do like it here! I've gotten to know some of your first names now and try to join in as much as I can, and you have all been very friendly since I came here.....thanks <---now let me have that oscar thingy and I can sit down with my wine.

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                          I have joined one other which I post on, but I always come back to this one because its so friendly. Its also great to be in touch with other creative people, I love this because none of my home friends are creative so I feel like I have kindered spirits on here. I did 'lurk' on art forum but it was too scarey and high brow, I more consider myself to be a crafter than an artist, but whats in a name. Thanks for having me.


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                            As a newbie to this forum but an old hand at others on various topics I must say the layout is very good and I love the smilies

                            Paula xx


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                              Everyone here has always been friendly & courteous & helpful to everyone else & I love the randomness of some of the non-craft threads & sense(s) of humour. I've not felt the need to join loads of other forums - and I agree with the comments that say its the people that make the forum !