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I'm going to Holland and Germany

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  • I'm going to Holland and Germany

    To collect Guinea Pigs, yes I know I must need my head looking at but it seemed such a good idea at the time!

    I bought 2 over from Holland earlier this year and it cost so much I decided I might aswell go myself.

    So my best friend and I are off on Saturday, totally insane I know!!!

    It must definiately be the furthest I have ever travelled to pick up a guinea pig, anyone else gone to extreem legnths for something they desperatley had to have???

    I can't be the only insane member on here, own up!

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    Well good for you! I'm sure you and your friend will have a great time!

    When I used to live in Germany and the video player had not long been out, my friend and I used to have a small home run business of renting out videos'! To keep the video's updated, we had to travel by car and boat back and forward every 3 months to London. Used to take us 2 days - phew!! Glad we stopped that milarky!

    Ooo, just had a thought, you could get all your christmas duty free while your there as well!

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