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  • Dad's progress

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd update you on my dad's progress after his stroke on 1st July.

    After we kicked up a fuss, he finally got the bowel op he needed (after a week in agony) and since then he's been making good progress in recovering from the stroke.

    He was being tube fed until a couple of days ago, now he's on solid food and they are taking the tube out today.

    Yesterday my little sister was allowed to take him out of the ward in a wheelchair, he also had his first shower for 24 days! So that was good.

    He's walking fairly well now, as long as he holds onto the nurse's arm.

    He still has a catheter in but we're hoping that won't be long in going too. Then he'll be good to go!

    My older sister is arriving tomorrow for 4 days - she's taking over my "Dad duties" so I can go on my trip to France with my chap. I had thought I'd have to cancel it but she wouldn't hear of it. I have to admit, I could use the break! But I'll take my mobile so I can check up on him every day.

    So, I'll see you all next week when I get home from La Belle France!


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    Thats great news Claire and your Dad sounds the sort that will want to 'get up and go' rather than sit down and let it all wash over him so yes, go on your hols and have a wonderful time, you need it after all your recent stress.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      So glad to hear that your dad is progressing so well Claire, and that you're able to go on holiday. You sound a close and loving family, you are all fortunate to have each other and your dad must feel very loved. Wishing you all the best and have a great holiday.


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        That is great news Claire - I am sure your Dad will really start to improve quickly now he is able to be more mobile.

        Have a great trip and thank you. As Kate says, your family sounds very close and strong and this is certainly what you need at times like these.
        Ali x

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          That's great news Claire, I am really glad your dad is improving,. Hope you enjoy your trip.

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            Hi Clare, that is good news, it must be such a relief when he is so determined and able to do it.

            mind you you'll need to watch your dad if he has to walk holding onto a nurse if he is anything like my dad was. he wouldn't do it for us but for a pretty young nurse he jumped out of bed. so long as he could hold onto her.

            ( Oh.. I do hope you read this in the manner it is meant and are not offended by it.)
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              I'm so pleased to hear your Dad recovery is progressing well. I hope it won't be too much longer before he can be at home and I'm sure he will be fighting fit in no time at all.

              Meanwhile, enjoy your break with your fella and do a lot of chilling.



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                Thanks all. He's a fighter and is determined to get better.

                I'm all excited now about my trip, haven't seen my man for 2 weeks! See you all soon, may well have some nice pics for you all.



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                  Wonderful news Claire, may he continue to progress at a steady rate and be fighting fit again in no time.

                  Hope you enjoy your trip too, you deserve it and two weeks is far too long to be away from your man, not sure I could do that. Two days is too long LOL

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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                    very pleased to hear your Dad is doing so well, and of course you must have your holiday, France is only a couple of hours away if you need to get home. Rest assured that your sisters and "pretty nurses" are looking after your dad and you can regain your energy for when he comes home.
                    have a lovely holiday!!


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                      I'm glad to hear that your dad id recovering well and getting stronger every day, Enjoy your holiday xx