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What a Wonderful week

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  • What a Wonderful week

    For over thirty years I have been a huge James Taylor fan and have been lucky enough to see him in concert many times.
    On saturday the 9th I went with Hubby to see him in Birmingham, we had ordered the tickes through the JT official site in america and the seats and the concert were wonderful

    On friday the 8th a friend got tickets for us from sky in their VIP box at the O2 in london again a wonderfl concert. On the saturday it was a rainy miserable day so we decided to spend the afternoon in Harrods instead of doing the tourist in London thing.

    Guess who we met in the toy department............ the poor man must have thought I was a crazy stalker as all I could do was point and gasp, as I could not breathe ( not attractive in an over 50 year old)

    my lovely friend Alison decided she would have to talk as I was in shock, and he visibly relaxed when she told him we had been at the concert the night before and that I was a huge fan. He shook hands with my hubby and Alisons hubby, patted me on the back when hubby told him how i had a photo taken with him a few years ago in glasgow and that I had cried ( so not a flattering photo)
    as we said goodbye he again patted my arm

    then the tears started and I was on a high for hours, still am if I'm honest

    maybe you don't know who James Taylor is but I'm sure you can understad the emotion of meeting your Hero

    A very happy sally X

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    YES!!! YES, YES, YES!!!!! I LOVE James Taylor!!!!!!!!!! We went to see him about 6 years ago and I cried and cried, because he was so awesome and wonderful, and because we had all aged, and because the crowd was all older folks...a few younger ones, though...and it was just all so poignant...

    I am going to cry right now! Sally, how wonderful for you, to see the concert and later to actually meet him. I fully appreciate what you have just experienced!!!! We are sisters in tears and love for JT!!!!


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      I just knew it was going to be you that answered my post.. you would have loved the concerts, truly wonderfull and if I remember rightlly you are also a fan of Paul Rodgers , who I also love , think you are my sister in great musical taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      sally xx


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        Yes, Paul Rodgers is really nice, isn't he! I know..great musician... =D

        I'm trying to get my husband to learn to play Muddy Water Blues on the slide guitar for demonstrations at market. He's always playing Muddy Waters blues, so I thought Muddy Water Blues would be appropriate. He just rolls his eyes.


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          Sally I am thrilled for you... just a bit pea green with envy... but thrilled all the same!



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            How exciting for you.
            I would have been a bundle of nerves too.
            Lisa x
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              Sally, you lucky, lucky girl!

              I am a massive James Taylor fan and have been lucky enough to have seen him in concert but unfortunately only once (but the brilliance of his concert is still very fresh in my mind!) I think I would have been just like you in that situation - completely frozen to the spot and on one hand not wanting to disturb him during his own private time but also not wanting to regret not taking the opportunity to say hello!

              No wonder you are on a high - I am sure it is going to take some time to come back down to earth!
              Ali x

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