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  • A little (big!) news

    Hi all,

    Firstly, sorry I haven't been around much for a while.

    Secondly, I have some news - I'm pregnant!!!!!!

    We went for the scan today and found out that we are having twins!!!!!!!!!!

    Exciting huh? Although very scary too - just been looking at double buggies online, how we'll ever afford two of everything I'll never know, but hey, we'll manage somehow.

    Kerry xxx

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    Double congrats to you!!!

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      I suppose you can always think of it as an instant family. Lots of rest required between now and the birth, you'll be busy with 2 on your hands! Good luck with the pregnancy, hope it's not making you feel sick at all.
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        How lovely! Congratulations to you......... You never thought that you would manage after all your problems last year, but you did, and everything will continue to sort itself out, it always does, and hey at least you can make yourself a lovely nappy cake or two!!!
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          My sister in law had twins nearly 30 years ago. It was had work with all the feeds and nappy changes, but gradually things do get better. To see her non identical sons today, you would be as proud as she is.

          You had better do as much crafting as possible now as later in your pregnancy you will feel less like doing it. Once the twins arrive I think you will have to put all you crafting materials away for quite a while. Just find the odd occassion to get your bits out for a bit of therapy.

          Hope everything goes smoothly.



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            How lovely for you. Do they share 1 placenta or do they have one each. i.e. are they going to be identical? Yes, its certainly hard work but by the time they get to 3 or 4 it gets easier and 5/6 they are soooo funny. Just enjoy every minute of it.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! FUN!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!

                Tell all your friends now that for baby shower prezzies you want disposable diapers and a temp live in helper!!


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                  Many, many congratulations!!

                  I hope you have a really smooth pregnancy and I am sure you will have lots of willing helpers for when the little ones arrive!
                  Ali x

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                    Wow! what lovely news Make sure you take care of yourself

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                      WOW, thats fantastic news - twice over !!!!

                      Hope you have a good pregnancy, and have lots of rest.



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                        What wonderful news for you.
                        Lisa x
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                            Thanks so much everyone, think I am still dealing with the shock at the moment. I've been pretty lucky with morning sickness, which apparently is rare with multiples, in that I feel dreadful and have awful nausea but haven't actually been sick once. I am absolutely shattered constantly though and don't think that's going to pass for a few years - ha ha ha.

                            They have a placenta each so won't be identical which I think is nice and we will be finding out the sexes at the 20 week scan if we can. We had decided not to if it was one but agreed that we would if it was twins because it just made sense really.

                            They are due on 18th January, but I am told it will be very unlikely if they don't arrive by then as it will be pretty cramped in there by then. Xmas babies - oh joy!!!!!

                            I had a look on line for double buggies last night - holy moly, I think I am going to have to take on a second job to pay for this!!!!! Thank god Martin has a good job as I have the feeling (and the sonographer also said) that I will be going on maternity leave a lot earlier than originally planned. Hey ho, I really don't like my job anyway so no big loss there (except the money of course).

                            Sadly, I haven't had the time in a long time to do as many crafts as I would like and can't see when I'm next going to be able to but I'm determined that not all of the many boxes of various craft stuff will be going up in the loft.

                            The good thing is that originally I was going to lose craft room as it's the little bedroom and was going to be the nursery. Now there are going to be two it will have to be the bigger spare bedroom, so I get to keep the craft room - tee hee.

                            Anyway, thanks again for all the kind comments.

                            Kerry xxx

                            PS Salty I think you may be thinking of someone else?


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                              I've got a friend who had twins and they could only sex 1 of the babies as the other was always hidden behind the boy. So they ended up with 1 known and 1 as a surprise (a girl in the end).
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                              'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen