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Still hot Tuesday

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  • Still hot Tuesday

    Good Morning All

    Well what happened to the rain and thunder? diddly squat last night and does not look like any today either, drat want it to cool down so I can work have no energy atm.

    Again did not complete my 'To Do' list from the weekend, one more item on this list, don't even talk about the new ones and I am tired want to creep back to bed, matchsticks anyone.

    Have a good day all

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    Good morning y'all! It's half past midnight here. I'm wired - been working on my book...and drinking REAL coffee ... with caffeine...but beginning to feel a little tired. I think I'll go to bed!! Good night!!!


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      Good Morning from Sunny Leicestershire.

      Today we are doing a trial run with our new mini marquee, 20ft by 10ft, I am sure the air will be blue before we finish:-)

      My part of the unit has no outside walls, it is like a fridge in there - which is great in this heat.

      Have a great day everyone.

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        Good Morning folk. I agree. Too hot by far and not much real sleep in it either and similar to Susan, I got up and did some scribbling for an hour or so. I also feel a bit like a wet rag at the moment. Maybe brekkies will improve matters a little so I'm off to try. Going to my Craft Club tonight so something good to look forward to. Yippee, I love it.
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          Morning..... it looks like I am going to be spending the day "on hold" waiting for virgin mobile to answer my call. I know that "my call is important to them" but obviously not that important as I have been holding for far tooo long.
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            I got cold in bed last night! We had rain that cooled the place down a bit and today is cloudy so far - not cold out, but nice and refreshingly pleasant.
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              Soooo hot and muggy here - can't wait for the rain they have been forecasting. The BBC website weather forecast (which is a bit like a bible for me!) says we are getting rain today!!! Mind you, it said we were getting some last night too and that never happened...

              Lots more battling with sticky paint today as well as quite a few deliveries due so busy, busy, busy!

              Have a great day folks.
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                No rain here just lots of mugginess. Poor DH is stuck in a horrendous traffic jam trying to get to work (all surrounding roads have ground to a halt because the A14 is shut) but thankfully he has air-con in the car. I suspect there'll be lots of hot and bothered motorists around Newmarket this morning for those who haven't got air-con.
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                  Good morning folks. Didn't get the promised heavy rain in Wiltshire either, but it has cooled down this morning and not so muggy. Sky is threatening rain though. Just a normal work day here but have to do battle with the bank and their rules and regs that border on legalised theft, grrrrrrr.

                  At least only three more days to work as I have friday off to cook for a party on saturday.

                  HAGO everybody.

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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                    We had a bit of rain here this morning and one lonely rumble of thunder but its still hot and sticky, need a really good storm to clear the air!

                    I'm hoping the fact that it's still grey and miserable means it won't stay warm quite as late tonight, would be nice to sleep without waking up constantly because I feel like I'm suffocating


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                      We had lots of rain here last night, so it's not quite so bad as yesterday although still a bit muggy.

                      Today I'm sending out my newsletter and I've got lots of paperwork to do (preparing for my tax return soon). I also need to photograph some new stuff for my website, but I'm not sure if I'll get this done today. I'm feeling enthusiastic about what I'm doing but am very slow with my finger injury.

                      I will also do some piano practice today, but am limited as I can only use one hand - I'm supposed to rest the injured finger (easier said than done).

                      I'm usually awake quite early, and one day I'm going to log on before Caroline to start this thread!


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                        Woohoo at last we have rain and I just heard some thunder.

                        Better go and check on the cat to make sure she's now cowering under the bed.
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                          I am currently struggling with a nasty sweaty leg! It is currently in plaster and is driving me insane, wonder if I can manage to fit air conditioning into the cast somehow?

                          Keeping fingers crossed for refreshing rain and a good clear the air storm for all muggy areas today! Netty - hope your kitty ain't too traumatised xx

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                            Thunder in the distance, not arrived yet but have had a smidgeon of rain, defo cooler Yippee!


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                              I guess it's not good weather down in London now. I've just heard an almighty thunder clap on the tennis!

                              My lovely husband has made me a very happy person today. He has bought us tickets to go and see Celtic Woman on their debut tour of the UK. I've been so jealous of the Americans and Japanese as they've toured their for the past few years and it all looks so good. I just happened to see that they were coming to York and so I persuaded my Oh that it would be amazing to go. Glad I booked direct with the venue as they were double the price everywhere else.
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