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  • Saturday Latte

    Good Morning All

    Another day and still raining, everyday the widgets show sun for the future days, get to that day and weather for ducks. When will it end.

    A free weekend so sewing, had cut out some trousers and kaftan so want to get those done and plan for Handmade Monday blog, sort out my 'Get Britain Trading' advert and photo, a tutorial for the Mencap website and their Make With Me campaign, complete a survey for the Artists Network, think that will keep me occupied for a while.

    All excited as going to see the puppies on Thursday will be 3 weeks 4 days old, getting nearer to the collection day then hard work for 6 months but worth it as our last two can testify.

    If at events this weekend wishing you good luck with plenty of sales and genuine shoppers, steer away from the 'Secret Shoppers' really craft idea stealers.

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    Give me Latte anytime. Yummy. Busy day for me. Grandchildren slept over so waiting for them to be picked up. They are going to a party today as pirates, just finished their sashes to put their swords in so they are happy. Grans are useful some times. The dreaded cleaning then. Not my fav. chore but hey, nice when its done and heaven help anyone that puts something down where it shouldn't be for a couple of hours. lol.
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      I'll pass on the latte and stick with my redbush tea Caroline I bet you're getting really excited about the puppies and I can imagine just how cute they are right how. I stopped to give a black lab a bit of a fuss on my way home yesterday and got a bick lick as a thank you from him

      We've had quite a hectic few weeks so having a lazy Saturday morning, planning to do a car boot tomorrow (got ever increasing boxes of junk in the loft which need clearing) and even though it's meant to be 28 and sunny tomorrow we're still in 2 minds as I'm worried the field might be too muddy after all this rain.
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        muddy fields.... just pretend you are at Glastonbury!!!

        I'm spending the weekend ferrying my two to various music events. Got to take them all the way to Leeds school of music tomorrow, but it's a great excuse to go shopping for some new clothes.

        I made some lavender bags last week and the smell is all over the house in delicate whisps.
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          Don't now about Latte, I am almost ready for a G&T:-)

          Have been at a Farmers Market today, tomorrow we at anothe Farmers Market and a country show.


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            Don't worry about the drink but good luck with the pups, keep us posted Linda
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