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  • Good Morning Coffee?

    Good Morning Everyone

    Notice that we have not started a coffee thread for some time and to get out of all the doom and gloom thought let's get things back to normality in craftdom.

    What are you all up to today? I would love to be creating but MIL's birthday so off to give her her pressies, she is 85 in a nursing home with dementia and wheelchair bound but she is happy and safe. We decided on a digital picture frame hoping this will jog her memory of people and events plus give her something to look at as constantly moving.

    Into Waitrose to pick up some goodies as should be having relatives visiting tomorrow for lunch and nothing much in the cupboards, as usual should be as thin as a rake but no more like the side of a bus .

    Have a good day all and enjoy your crafting.

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    Good Morning, Caroline...

    I have a lot of orders to get out....seem to have had lots of orders from schools and colleges...they tend to bulk buy 3 or 4 kits at a time...I asked one teacher where she'd heard about us and she said that another Teacher in another school had passed her our details....that's always nice, word of mouth is invaluable in our business

    Apart from that I will have a comic page to paint for's supposed to go online this evening (12pm Pacific time so 8ish GMT)...and they usually take me 4 or 5 hours to complete....

    Gonna be a hard slog so I really shouldn't spend too much time reading the!

    Have a good day everyone

    Jude x
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      Got a client in this morning who is bringing her daughter. I'm making mum a facinator and daughter a necklace. She's my eldest client at 87!
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        I am bleary eyed and having my morning coffee, i have so much to do today it's scary. Shopping my cupboards are bare too! just finished a 64 hour week at work and my house is a pigsty so a huge clean up is in order. Tonight i have to do the thing i hate most which is mess with my website i want to re take photos im not happy with and list more items on there, fill up my new folksy shop and ebay shop too. Hopefully over the weekend i can start to create again. I hope you all have a fun day and a successful weekend if you are attending fairs!
        Hugs to all
        Anna xxx
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          What's on today? First visit my 'wall' at a local antiques centre to, hopefully, collect lots of earnings, but also to re-stock. Then back to try to finish off a wedding card a friend has ordered - just cannot seem to get to grips with it - luckily she doesn't need it until mid-July. Rest of the day will be gardening (have a big wedding anniversary coming up with a family get-together in July so want to keep on top of the weeds!) and crafting as I am at an event tomorrow and want to get everything packed and ready today.

          Have a good day all

          One craft project, like one cookie, is never enough!

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            Good Morning

            This is a nice way to start the day. We did used to do it on here and I can't remember why it stopped.

            I have a busy day away from the computer, my Aged Aunt wants taking shopping and No.2 son is coming. (More about that on another thread). Sun is shining so setting up the tent for the grandkids tonight, they want a picnic in it, of course.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Morning everyone. Cup of tea no. 1 on the way when I have finished typing this then I have to have a shower and do my hair ready for the weekend when 'real' people get to see me too (don't want to scare them!!) Then it is my usual packaging up day, washing & general household stuff.

              I have had quite a few orders in the last week or so and am trying to get those finished and out - most are done now but I am still waiting for some photos to be sent by a couple of customers to be able to finish theirs so I will probably be leaving more messages to see if I can chivvy them along (already left one for each). It is so difficult when you simply cannot get hold of them and you don't know if they are picking up your messages!

              Hope you all have a great day and weekend - sounds like it is going to be a nice one for a change but as I am in a glass-roofed centre on Sunday, I am not really expecting much other than feeling very, very hot (think greenhouse!)
              Ali x

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                Originally posted by Critchley View Post
                Good Morning

                This is a nice way to start the day. We did used to do it on here and I can't remember why it stopped.
                My thoughts exactly Carol, so much doom and gloom of late so thought what about coffee with light hearted chat.

                To lighten the day even more meet Shiloh age 2 weeks and 1 day hope to bring him to his new home on the 25th July:

                Shiloh 2 weeks by Carolee Crafts, on Flickr
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                  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh - gorgeous
                  One craft project, like one cookie, is never enough!

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                    what a cuteie and a lovely name too. What breed (or mix) is he?
                    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                      Everyone sounds busy today. I hope all the events go well.

                      I'm doing the Big Baed Show in Telford tomorrow, so I'm just getting everything ready, loading the car etc.

                      The photo frame sounds good, Caroline. We did the same for my Dad last Christmas, with loads of photos going back over his whole life.
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                        *Steals Shiloh*

                        It's 10.50, and I'm on my sixth coffee. The plan for today is to pack up an order, and then have a good tidy up of my storage boxes, which have spilled out to the dining room, the cupboard under the stairs and all around my workroom. *sigh* However, I'm very tired today, my blood sugars are on the low side and I'm freezing cold, so I'll probably end up going back to bed.

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                          Good Morning All

                          Busy day here, left home at 5.00am to set up at the ICC Birmingham for the TWG Annual Conference.

                          I have to sell soap to 6,000+ ladies - it is a hard life:-)

                          Princess Ann is here, we had a little chat, and then I made myself look stupid with my ridiculous attempt at a curtsey?

                          Have fun

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                            I'm just having my coffee break now! I've already been to the shop in Great Yarmouth that stocks my things, to collect some money from a couple of sales (hurrah!) and to take in some more stock.

                            I just spent a couple of days away on a romantic trip and am feeling all loved up, so it's going to be hard to make myself concentrate on work after coffee! But I have loads to do so I'll just have to knuckle down...



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                              Originally posted by greannancrafts View Post
                              Good Morning All

                              Princess Ann is here, we had a little chat, and then I made myself look stupid with my ridiculous attempt at a curtsey?

                              Have fun

                              Ooh don't forget to put the 'e' on the end of her name. You don't want to be locked in the Tower for your bad curtsey and spelling her name incorrectly!!

                              I'm having a day off work. I cleaned the bathroom and did my ironing and have most of the rest of the day to myself to do as I wish. I probably should tidy the house a bit but I'm not in the mood, so I have started knitting a cardigan only 2 rows knitted so far.
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