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Ideas for a giveaway please?

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  • Ideas for a giveaway please?

    I'm going to do a giveaway when my blog, my facebook and my twitter all reach 100 followers. I'd like the prize to be a fairly 'good' one with a retail value of £30-40 in order to gain lots of interest and entries. I intend to make something specific to give away preferably out of fabric and I'd like the winner to be delighted with their prize. The question is what would you like to win? A work/shopping/evening/hand bag? Something for the home? or something else entirely?Maybe a canvas? Whatever it is I'll put some lovely applique on it cos I'm quite loving it at the mo Please help as I'm so hopelessly indecisive it will take me forever to organise if left to my own devices!

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    When you do the giveaway why dont you ask each person entering to put down what their favourite item or yours is that they would like to win coz everyone will want different things possibly.
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      I'd thought about that and that's what I did last time but it was an absolute nightmare to keep track of everything to be honest. I'm considering it but would prefer to make something especially. It will depend on what kind of answers I get on here really, if there is a clear winner of the type of thing people would like to win then it will make it alot easier for me. Maybe I should do a poll .... will have a look at how to do the poll thing after tea to save people writing an answer!

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        Do you have a bestseller in that price range? That might be a good one to giveaway, as you'll know it's popular.
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