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Hi Everyone, I'm Back From Scotland!

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  • Hi Everyone, I'm Back From Scotland!

    Just got back last night from my trip to the Highlands, and in particular the Loch Ness Film Festival. My friend Willie Doig and his son Andrew run the festival so this year I was a sponsor and made the official commemorative mugs, on which I gave the festival commission. (Sold all but one of the mugs).

    My dad and I went up for 6 days, we only caught 2 days of the festival but it was fab. As most of the screenings were from amateur film makers we didn't know what to expect, and thought we might have to sit through some rubbish ones.

    But no! Every film was outstanding, much better than stuff we see on TV or at the movies! There were dramas, documentaries, feature films. And not only were they fantastic, but many of the film makers, actors, subjects of the documentaries etc were there in the audience, so you could ask them questions and chat about their work.

    We bought a DVD of one of the features and got it autographed too! Here's a pic of me buying the DVD from the producer, director and editor.

    LNFF film people.jpg

    We bought another two copies, one for each of my sons.

    And after the festival was over, we still had 4 full days to enjoy the Highlands and visit friends.

    What a great time we had.

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    Ooh, sounds fab! Well done on the sales :-)
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      Sounds like you've had a good few days. I'm not jealous, not really And good sales too, especially on something that you wouldn't want to be left with.
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        How wonderful - I am so glad you had such a marvelous time!! Way cool abut the autographed DVD - keep it in pristine condition and maybe one day it'll be worth tons!!

        How cool is that, selling all but one mug!! Bet it drums up more than a little business. Hope so!!!

        It all sounds so exciting!


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          Good to see you back safe and sound. What a lovely feeling when you have so enjoyed your trip. Bring on the next one then.
          And sold all your mugs to boot. Can't get better can it.
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            Really happy for you and really pleased the volcano behaved itself!!
            Sounds like you had a great time, good sales of your mugs too.

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              Yes, the mug sales were a bonus. And I'm not too worried about having one left as I'll just add it to my stock for next year. In any case, it's always possible one of the film makers missed me at the time and might contact me to order one by post.



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                Well done Claire and seems the travel arrangements were not troubled either. great news about the sales too and a short break thrown in too boot !!! Never been to anywhere in Scotland, would love to go sometime.

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                  It's a beautiful country but you need time to get around and see it properly. Most of my time there has been on little coasters but my grandfather was from the Shetlands and I've often thought it would be nice to go and have a look that far north. Now who do we know that lives up there LOL?

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                    Good to hear it went so well and the ash didn't get in the way!!

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