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Can you help me please????

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  • Can you help me please????

    I have a customer who keeps saying she cannot see the ingredient listing on my website.

    Under each product is "more information" which when clicked on should bring up the ingredients etc.

    Would you please be kind enough to check if you can see these listings on a couple of products?

    Can you please also let me know which browser you are using?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

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    Have checked the link using Safari and Firefox can see a full list of ingredients.


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      Have checked the link from Google Chrome and it works fine - as your ingredients appear in a pop-up it is possible that the problem is that your customer has pop-ups blocked.

      You could try asking her to enable pop-ups, or sometimes it works if you hold down control key whilst clicking the link.
      (Enabling pop-ups is usually done via Tools on your internet browser so actual instructions vary slightly)

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        Is that link to the product she was looking at or do you not know what products she was looking at because none of your shaving soaps have ingredients listed and neither does your pet shampoo bar, or your intensive foot care cream. I generally use IE.

        I was thinking on the bus into work this morning why are the ingredients on a separate link in a pop-up? I would normally expect that if I've looked at a page listing a range of items and then I click on the item I'm interested in that all extra information would be on that page. I think an ingredient list will not take up too much space on the page telling customers about an item.
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          Yep - the list showed up fine in IE8.

          Could she have pop-ups disabled which may stop the page showing on her computer? (Although I have pop-ups blocked and it showed up fine for me).
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            Its likely to be the pop up.. best to remove any pop ups as its really not needed anymore.

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              I'm on IE9 and it opens in a new pop-up window. I checked my settings and I have the pop-up blocker turned on but the level was medium. When I increased it to high and tried again the pop-up was blocked and IE9 brought up a dialogue at the bottom to let me know.

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                Works fine for me - I have firefox.