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    I made a new album called Central Texas Markets - at least I think that's what I called it (the grandkids are here so I am distracted, but they're now playing with creepy gloop and squidgy gloop, so I can write this if I hurry).

    So anyway, I just put up some pics of the Downtown Farmer's Market for anyone who might be interested. Next weekend we're visiting a brand new artisan's market in SW Austin, and I'll post pics of it. You never know, you might get an idea from a pic...but anyway, just thought it might be interesting.

    Oh, and the reason for visiting these markets is to see if it might be a good venue for my husband's guitars. But the artisans' market next weekend is VERY pricey...and only half a Sat., once a month...most people who buy guitars spend the morning looking at them and trying them out, then going off and thinking, or asking the spouse/parent...then they come back for another look, then off for another think, and finally buy just before closing! So a half day might not work for us!!

    I got an idea today - you can see in one pic that a soap booth had rigged up a "wash your hands" station...a frame to hold a water dispenser, a place to hold the bar of soap, and a bucket underneath. GREAT IDEA!!!! My husband and I had talked about this a long time ago, but never figured out how we'd do it...of course, it would take up a lot of space in the truck...hmmmmm.......

    Also, we have thought before of having homemade dog treats because EVERYONE has a dog or two with them...
    and at this market there was a dog bakery - clever them! I am not kidding, there must have been 200 dogs on leashes there....most looking like they'd like to climb up their owner's body and hide on top of their head!

    Aww, the gloop has become boring...I hear bickering....
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    Love the pics, a real flavour of the event. Love that sandwich van/tram whatever it was!
    digital stamps for cardmakers:
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      Lovely pict`s Susan!
      do you have markets booked for May and June?


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        We sure do...and I wish that that was it until fall, but my husband booked us for the entire summer - it is going to be miserable. Our usual spot at our main market is NOT in shade (as is the entire rest of the market - how did we get so lucky), and the canopy, while it's better than nothing, does not really give you shade. It's really bright in there, and hot. So May and June are okay, but July through Sept. are torture...I'm just of an age, to not handle the heat well anymore, sigh.

        The markets we're now investigating in Austin have no shade, either...but at least they're really close...and I could leave and go sit in Central Market or Whole Foods a short distance away and eat gelato...that sounds really appealing!