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  • Stash control........

    I officially have a butterfly mind............. and my stash of various crafts shows it. Its embarrassing how much there is, and even more embarassing to admit that the projects I thought I'd start I can't complete unless I buy something else.

    Well, I'm not buying anything else until I make a dent in the quilting, jewellry, cardmaking , beading, sewing and other stuff which is currently filling up my spare bedroom. I've been a kid in a sweetshop, buying stuff that caught my eye and losing sight of what I wanted to achieve. Now I'm just overwhelmed by the amount.

    Any ideas about how to get some order and clearance achieved? I certainly don't want to give up on anything, but it takes me so long to tidy, I don't get to make stuff!

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    My approach is to do a very general sorting - get things that go together put into corners of the room or areas of the room......

    Then pick ONE project and find everything I need to do it, and then forget everything else and just do that. Yay, one down. Then proceed to the next one.


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      I am as bad as you are BUT I am willing to help your situation and permanantly look after all your quilting stuff... what, what,? *tries to look innocent but fails*

      I went and bought another container for my FQs today, but then I did start a new hobby and have a new collection - merino tops - here we go again



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        I have a whole house full of hobbies .... and needless to say it untidy to my non doing things friends .

        I really need a workshop or to get rid of bits and pieces left over from my teaching days.
        Perhaps I will put a few things on that e thingy
        If you dont have a go ................... you will never know


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          I think we are all the same..... I'm another one with stacks of stash,

          I have so much fabric in the top of the airing cupboard there is hardly any room for the towels. I have stacks of prepared wood and mdf in the spare room, uncut wood in the garden shed, ribbon and buttons are overflowing the storage box, I'm sure there are pixies in the bottom of the box throwing everything out every time I turn my back! and that's just a few of the bits and bobs hanging around, but I don't think I could be any other way.

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            Roslet, what are you going to be doing with your merino top??


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              CG - I made the cardinal error of going to a w'shop on wet felting with Jeanette Trim last Thursday... it was only an introduction, so no harm in that, I thought. Well, I am off to another course this week. The thing is, the courses are held in a friend's garden shed, which may not sound glamourous but it was the original classroom for the local school and has two open fireplaces and stripped wooden floors and it is the house at the top of my street.

              I have so far learnt to do very basic felting, felt balls which will become necklaces and bracelets, and a simple corsage flower. This week I want to work on a 3D flower, although I could also make a scarf.... she does the most amazing Nuno felting. I really love learning new techniques.

              I got the tops from The Handweaver's Studio which is in a run down part of London but as soon as you go through the door, the calm assaults you together with a riot of colour, to say nothing of the need to put your hands into everything!

              But really I have been good, so far I have only ordered two books from Amazon and they were both pre-loved!



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                this is me to a T, I have so many different sorts of crafts that I like to do and about 10 different projects on the go. 1 thing I did to sort things a bit better is that I have a box for current projects so I can start on them easily, my bead stash had also been significantly dented with the potential opening of my shop, so just the wool, wool tops, cross stitch, fabric, ribbon and button stashes left
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                  I seem to recall reading, many years ago, that 'behind every crafty person there is a houseful of overflowing cupboards'.

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                    Originally posted by Dagna View Post
                    I seem to recall reading, many years ago, that 'behind every crafty person there is a houseful of overflowing cupboards'.

                    Trouble is they are not 'behind me' anymore............they are beside me, .............infront of me.............all over. I even have to clear a space to get to my cupboards......!


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                      I am just the same, I bought some great boxes cheap from ebay. I though 20 would be great but I soon filled them and bought another 20 which I have easily filled.
                      I made some rough shelves out of my daughters old bed. You can tell I'm a make do and mend(or change it's use completely but don't throw it) sort of person.

                      The shelves hold 24 boxes so now I have lots of boxes all over the place. Of course I have loads of other craft stuff that won't fit in the boxes.

                      My very tidy friend bought me a fridge magnet years ago which still has pride of place on my fridge.
                      It says - 'Boring women have immaculate houses'
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                        Aaaarrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was being SO good about not asking about the merino tops......................

                        I do have a plan though........... I'm going to start a project book, and list all the started stuff one project at a time, and decide exactly what I'm going to do. When 'inspirataion' strikes I'm going to write down all the alternatives that occur to me, FINISH my original idea, and then decide which of the variations (which don't require I buy anything else,) will then be the next project. That should last all of 3 days!


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                          [QUOTE=picto;442096I'm sure there are pixies in the bottom of the box throwing everything out every time I turn my back![/QUOTE]

                          I think I have the same pixies living in my studio. They make such a mess, don't they?

                          Oh, and I love the title of this thread. I think maybe it'll be one that goes on forever. Who doesn't need a bit of stash control?
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                            Originally posted by reclaimingrebus View Post
                            Any ideas about how to get some order and clearance achieved? I certainly don't want to give up on anything, but it takes me so long to tidy, I don't get to make stuff!
                            Well you could do what I've done, build a Summerhouse, fill it with the contents of your 2 previous houses including all your old craft stuff. Stage two involves acquiring a whole new set of craft stuff, then buying lots of Really Useful Boxes, in 64 L, 32 L, 9 L, and teeny weenie whiny ones -- all different colours -- in a small plastic rack made specially for it by the Really Useful Box company.

                            Also, buy some nice little trays with little compartments in them, 3 large A4 sized ones and 2 A5 sized ones. Fill these with various little things like: semiprecious stones, small moulds, shells, small found items, buttons, button moulds, buttons made from moulds, keys, ribbons, bits of this, bits of that, bits of tat, bits of rubbish, bits that aren't rubbish but might have been but aren't any more because you're going to use them in something.

                            Fill all the 64 L boxes (about ten of them) then put the overflow into lots of bags for life, and then the other overflow, stuff that you've run out of bags to put in, or boxes to put in, litter your desk with this, hide some of it under the bed, by some large canvas foldable boxes to fit in the cubbyholes in your desk, fill these too, scatter other bits in various places, like piled up on your printer, buy yourself a mobile Stanley workcentre, and fill this as well.

                            Keep any boxes that you might otherwise have thrown away, and fill these with craft stuff too, sometimes you can decorate these boxes, but mostly you just don't bother.

                            Then of course you can spend the rest of your time trying to find your Super Sculpey III. But of course you won't be able to, will you?

                            I started a thread about this - with pictures, but of course I can't post a link to it, (only up to 19 posts as yet) maybe you can find it (if you're interested), it's called:
                            What's In Your 'Play Box'? Stash & Stuff!

                            by the way - hello all, I'm FranOnTheEdge.
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