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Royal Mail - what are they doing - RANT!

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  • Royal Mail - what are they doing - RANT!

    Last night, I had a phone call from a regular customer asking if we were still in business?

    This customer doesn't like using the internet , so always send a letter with cheque to place her order.

    2 weeks ago she sent a letter with cheque - only to have it returned to her by Royal Mail, stating that we are not known at this address?????

    I am so annoyed, just hope it hasn't happened to other customers:-(

    End of rant

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    I wonder if you could sue them for loss of business. I know you wouldn't waste time on it but another member recently said the same thing happened to her. It seems as if it is habitual. They must think that they are too big and us, as individuals, won't harm or dent their business, and they are probably right sadly.
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      My neighbour works with Royal Mail, and the other day we where chatting and I said I hated getting junk mail in my mail box. His answer was that they get more for delivering junk mail than on anything else. If this is true why worry about us small fry with our few letters?

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