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  • Todays top blonde joke

    Two sisters, a blonde and a brunette, have been left a farm when their father dies. In order to keep the herd of cattle growing, they decide that they need to buy a bull to service the cows, and so get calves.

    They are short of cash, and need a real prize winner, so the brunette takes their last £1000 to the nearest prize bull breeder, and tells her sister that she will send a telegram to let her know that she should come and pick them up.

    When she gets to the farm, she haggles for the best prize winning bull that the farmer has available - and manages to get it for £999. Pleased with her purchase, she goes into town to send the telegram.

    She walks into the post office, and explains to the man behind the counter that she needs to send a telegram to her sister to say that she has bought a top class, prize winning bull, and she should come and pick her and the animal up. The man behind the counter explains that that's no problem - it will be £1 a word though.

    After thinking for a while, she decides to send a telegram to her sister that says


    "How will your sister know what to do with that short message?" the man asks her.

    "Well," she replies, "she reads slowly!"
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