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Who's got sun?!

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  • Who's got sun?!

    Hands up if you have sunny sun sun where you are!

    It is here in Kirkham (day job) and I understand that home (Blackburn) it cracking 't flags!!

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    Nop, Glasgow's not sunny today but it ain't raining at least. Thank heavens for small mercys.



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      Got sun here ... from where I'm sitting I can see a blackbird sunbathing - all fat and with it's mouth open. It was sunny here yesterday too.... maybe, just maybe.........
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        Hot summer's day here in South Wales a few big white fluffy clouds ......... think rain is coming later on tonight
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          Sun in Berkshire

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            Got big fat raindrops now!
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              Was very weird in Colchester today, had brilliant sunshine all day long at work, had hte door open and it was lovely, drove home and got half way (only work about 5 miles from home) and part of the road was bone dry and brilliant sunshine and the rest was soaking wet and had that 'just rained' smell. Weird weather!! Tomorrow is meant to be nasty but Saturday and Sunday are meant ot be luuurrvvvvelllyy ... apparently!!!
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                We had hot sun until noon and then the rain fell. I went to collect my son from work experience at 4pm and we had floods across the road in two places, thank god we've got a high vehicle.

                We got home and opened the front door to smoke....panicking like hell we ran round the house looking for the source - couldn't find it, then went out the back door which leads directly into our shed and could hardly see. I ran next door - no answer toi the front door, so ran down the back and shouted from the back gate and guess what...........they were only having a bbq in their back bl***y shed. I growled at them that I thought the house was on fire and then stomped back home!!


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                  We've had sun all day in Derby!

                  At last I've managed to spend a whole day in summer clothes and sandals! I've been busy making new products (on the site very soon) so I've just had to make do with looking at the sun rather than sitting in it! I've heard that we'll have thunder tomorrow, oh well!

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                    weve had hot sun all day today here in lancashire
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                      YEP~Cheshire been sunny all day And about time too!....Hope anyone doing fairs at the weekend have good weather.

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                        Just Remind Me Again.......

                        ......What is this sun thing you're all on about?

                        It's black as pitch outside just now, threatening more monsoons. Rumour has it that there was blue sky, hot temperatures and this sunshine type stuff this morning and right up until about 3pm, but I missed it, being shut up in a dark and pokey shop all day.....dang!

                        I get a day off tomorrow, and the forecast is horrendous......typical!

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                          We have had a gorgeous day in Mid Wales, just started raining 10 minutes ago. Shame i had to work all day.
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                            It looks like its threatening rain here now
                            What a difference a day makes eh?


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                              It's pouring and pouring and pouring here !!!
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